Bigots for the Left who run universities discriminate against Asian Americans.  See Statistics on Reverse Discrimination.

Did you receive a college reject letter?
Are you Asian American?
Did the college accept a non-Asian American student with lower test scores and grades than yours?
Don’t get mad, get even.

Contact The Project of Fair Representation, headed by attorney Edward Blum. If you are selected as one of the plaintiffs, The Project of Fair Representation, will cover all expenses.

Or file a civil rights complaint against the college.

If you file a civil rights complaint, you will need the names of the non-Asian American students, their test scores and grade point averages and some indication they are lower than yours (e.g. class rank, honors, etc.).
Or sue the college under your state consumer protection law which may award attorney’s fees if you win.
If you have any questions after reviewing the Office of Civil Rights form, contact the webmaster at d33j at yahoo.com and we will refer you to a volunteer attorney.

Let’s do to Bigots for the Left what they do to Asian Americans!  Stop donating to universities!  Starve a Bigot for the Left!

On average, 15.6% of students at the 25 most selective colleges are Asian American.  Colleges 2015
These colleges have Asian American enrollment below 15.6% average.  Stop donating to them.
U.S. Air Force Academy  5%
U.S. Military Academy  6%
U.S. Naval Academy  6%
Pitzer  6%
Bowdoin  7%
Vanderbilt  8%
Juilliard School  11%
Claremont McKenna  11%
Brown  12%
Pomona  12%
Amherst  13%
Dartmouth  14%
Swarthmore  15%

For statistics on colleges from previous years, see Colleges.

Bigots for the Left don’t believe in free speech (they boycott speakers) and they don’t believe in the presumption of innocence before being proven guilty (Rolling Stone v. University of Virginia fraternities; Duke University)

Charities for your consideration:

Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

Transfiguration School
Catholic school in NYC Chinatown

Free the North Koreans

Helping Hands Korea

Crossing Borders Ministries

318 Partners

The Link

North Korea Freedom Coalition

Other Charities:

Betty Ann Ong Foundation
stewardess on 9-11 flight

Asian American Legal Foundation
fights discrimination against Asian American college applicants

Project on Fair Representation
fights discrimination against Asian American college applicants
Send donations to: Project Liberty for POFR, 109 N. Henry St. Alexandria, VA 22314

80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation
fights discrimination against Asian American college applicants

Asian American Federation of New York

Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA)
encouraging positive media coverage of Asian Americans

Center for Asian American Media
supporting film and TV shows about Asian Americans

Stop paying Bigots for the Left to discriminate against Asian Americans.  Stop donating to universities.  Universities run by Bigots for the Left discriminate against Asian American applicants and employees.  (See Reverse Discrimination)  Which engineering and medical schools have Asian American deans?


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