Asian American Candidates

2018 Election Results

2019 Election

David Ryu
Los Angeles City Council – 4th District
(Larchmont to Los Feliz and into Studio City in the San Fernando Valley)
Director of Development at psychiatric hospital
2015 election results:
David Ryu 53.85%
Carolyn Ramsay  46.14%

Ameya Pawar
Candidate for City Treasurer
Chicago alderman
Program assistant at Northwestern University’s office of emergency management
2011 election results:
Pawar: 50.8%
O’Donnell: 43.5.
2015 election results: re-elected with over 82% of the vote

Michelle Wu (D)
Boston City Council – at large
2015 election results:
won 1 of 4 at large seats with 22.0% of the vote, 2nd most of the 4 winners

Helen Gym (D)
Philadelphia City Council – at large
2015 election results:
won 1 of 7 at large seats with 15.9% of the vote, largest total of the 7 winners

David Oh (R)
Philadelphia City Council – at large
2011 election results
Oh   50.12%
Taubenberger   49.88%
2015 election results:
won 1 of 7 at large seats with 3.8% of the vote

Mark Keam (D)
Delegate, Virginia House  –  District 35 (Vienna)
2015: Unopposed
2017: Unopposed

Kathy Tran (D)
Delegate, Virginia House – District 42
2017 Election Results:
Tran 62%
Mancheno-Smoak 38%

Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D)
Delegate, Virginia House – District 21
2017 Election Results:
Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D)  52.6%
Ronald Villanueva (R)  47.4%

2020 Election

Sean Reyes (R)
Utah Attorney General
2014 election results
Reyes 63.1%
Stormont (D)  27%
McCullough (Libertarian)  4%
2016 election results:
Sean D. Reyes (R)  65.4%
Jon V. Harper (D)  25.1%

Bob Hasegawa (D)
Washington State Senate, District 11 (Seattle)
Former Washington House of Representatives
2004: won with 66.3%
2008: won with 74%
Primary results: unopposed
2010 election results:
Hasegawa (D)  70%
Potter (R) 30%
2012 election results (State Senate):
Hasegawa 69.19%
Thompson 30.81%
2016 election results (State Senate):
Bob Hasegawa (D)  76.4%
Dennis Price (L)  23.6%

2022 Election

Kamala Harris (D)
U.S. Senate – California
former Attorney General of California
2016 primary results (top 2 advance to general election):
Kamala D. Harris (D)  40.0%
Loretta L. Sanchez (D)  18.9%
2016 election results
Kamala Harris (D)  62.1%
Loretta Sanchez (D)  37.9%

Tammy Duckworth (D)
U.S. Senate – Illinois
former U. S. House – Illinois District 8 (Chicago suburbs)
Primary results:
Duckworth  64.4%
Zopp  24%
Harris  11.6%
2016 election results:
Tammy Duckworth (D)  54.4%
Mark Kirk (R)  40.2%

Election Results 2017

Election Results 2016

Election Results 2015

Election Results 2014




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