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The webmaster does not endorse any of these candidates and may disagree with their positions.  If I say there is a 60% chance of rain, I am not endorsing rain.

Contests in 2018

Federal contests

Hiral Tipirneni (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Arizona District 8 (northwest Phoenix, Surprise)
May 2018 special election results:
Debbie Lesko (R)  52.6%
Hiral Tipirneni (D)  47.4%

(won with only 51%)
Ami Bera, MD (D)- incumbent

U.S. House – California District 7 (Sacramento suburbs)
2010 election results: (old District 3 (Sacramento, Folsom))
Lungren (R) 51%
Bera (D) 43%
2012 election results:
Bera 50.4%
Lungren 49.6%
2014 election results:
Ami Bera (D) 50.4%
Doug Ose (R) 49.6%
2016 primary results (top 2 advance to general election):
Ami Bera (D) 53.6%
Scott Jones (R) 46.3%
2016 election results:
Ami Bera (D)  51%
Scott Jones (R)  49%
2018 primary results:
Ami Bera (D)  52%
Andrew Grant (R)  33%

(open seat)
Ms. Young Kim (R)
Candidate for U.S. House – California District 39 (Fullerton, parts of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties)
former member of California Assembly – District 65 (Orange County)
2018 primary results:
Young Kim (R)  22%
Gil Cisneros (D)  19%

(open seat)
Mai-Khanh Tran, M.D. (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – California District 39 (Fullerton, parts of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties)
2018 primary results:
Young Kim (R)  22%
Gil Cisneros (D)  19%
Mai Tran (D)  5%
Herbert Lee (D)  4%

(won with only 51.5%)
Stephanie Murphy (D) – incumbent

U.S. House – Florida District 7 (Seminole, Orange and Volusia counties)
businesswoman and defense expert
2016 election results:
Stephanie Murphy (D)  51.5%
John Mica (R)  48.5%

David Kim (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Georgia District 7 (Forsyth and Gwinnett counties)
founder of C2 Education, a national test prep company
Primary results:
Carolyn Bourdeaux  27.3%
David Kim  25.9%
Ethan Pham 17.84%
Run-off July 24, 2018

(open seat)
Dan Koh (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Massachusetts District 3
(parts of Worcester, Middlesex and Essex counties)
Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor
Primary: Sept. 4, 2018

(open seat)
Suneel Gupta (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Michigan District 11
(portions of Oakland and Wayne counties)
former Groupon executive

Andy Kim (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – New Jersey District 3 (Burlington, Ocean Counties)
former national security advisor
(Cook Political Report lists as competitive House seat)

(open seat)
Pearl Kim (R-PA)
Candidate for U.S. House – Pennsylvania District 5 (portions of Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties)
Senior Deputy Attorney General

Gina Ortiz Jones (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Texas District 23 (San Antonio)
former Director for Investment at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
Primary results:
Jones 68%
Treviño 32%
(Cook Political Report lists as competitive House seat)

State contests

(open seat)
Kimberly Yee (R)
Candidate for Arizona treasurer
Arizona Senate Majority Leader
Arizona Senate – District 20 (Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix)

(open seat)
Jane Kim (D)
Candidate for mayor of San Francisco
Member of the San Francisco board of supervisors
2018 primary results:
London Breed  36%
Mark Leno  26%
Jane Kim  23%

(open seat)
Mike Eng (D)
Candidate for California Senate – District 22 (San Gabriel Valley)
former California Assemblyman – District 49 (Alhambra, Monterey
Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel in Los Angeles County)
2018 primary results:
Mike Eng (D)  44.6%
Susan Rubio (D)  26.9%

(won with less than 55%)
Al Muratsuchi (D)
California Assembly – District 66
(Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Gardena, Torrance)
former member, California Assembly – District 66
former member of Torrance Board of Education and
a prosecutor with the California Department of Justice
2012 primary results:
Muratsuchi    (D) 40.9        %
Huey (R) 38.5%
(top 2 advance to general election)
2012 election results:
Muratsuchi 53.8%
Huey 46.2%
2014 election results:
David Hadley (R) 51.4%
Al Muratsuchi (D) 48.6% (incumbent)
2016 primary results (top 2 advance to general election):
Al Muratsuchi (D) 48.73%
David Hadley (R) (incumbent) 44.58%
Mike Madrigal (D)  6.68%
2016 election results
Al Muratsuchi (D) 53.5%
David Hadley (R) (incumbent) 46.5%
2018 primary results:
Al Muratsuchi (D)  49.3%
Frank A. Scotto (R)  45.0%

(open seat)
Tyler Diep (R)
Candidate for California Assembly – District 72 (northern Orange County)
Vice-Mayor, Westminster City Council
2018 primary results:
Josh Lowenthal (D)  36.7%
Tyler Diep (R) 29.8%

(open seat)
William Tong (D)
Candidate for Attorney General – Connecticut
State Representative

(open seat)
Ms. Dita Bhargava (D)
Candidate for Connecticut state treasurer
former Wall Street portfolio manager

(won with less than 55%)
Sam Park (D)

Georgia House of Representatives – District 101 (Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County)
2016 election results
Samuel Park (D)  51.1%
Valerie Clark (R) 48.9%

(open seat)
Megan Srinivas (D)
Candidate for Iowa House – District 9

Nima Kulkarni (D)
Candidate for Kentucky House – District 40
2018 primary results:
Nima Kulkarni  46.59%
Dennis Horlander (incumbent)  25.37%
Logan Gatti  15.35%
Kelly Gibson  12.68%

(won with 46.5%)
Dean Tran (R)
State Senator – Massachusetts – District (Worcester & Middlesex)
former Fitchburg City Councilor
Dec. 5, 2017 special election results
Tran 46.5%
Chalifoux Zephir (D) 42.1%
Freda 9.9%

(open seat)
Jay Xiong (D)
Candidate for Minnesota House – District 67B (east St. Paul)

(open seat)
Lisa Shin (R)
Candidate for New Mexico House, District 43

Mujtaba A. Mohammed (D)
Candidate for North Carolina Senate – District 38
Primary results:
Mujtaba A. Mohammed  51.93%
Joel Ford (incumbent)  40.71%
Roderick Davis  4.75%
Tim Wallis  2.60%

(won by 96 votes)
Helen Tai (D)
Candidate for Pennsylvania House District 178 (Bucks County, Philadelphia suburbs)
Solebury Township Supervisor
May 2018 special election results:
Tai 50.4%
Thomas 49.6%
Special election filled only rest of term
Will run again in November 2018

Allan Fung (R)
Candidate for Governor of Rhode Island
Mayor of Cranston, RI

(open seat)
Joe Nguyen (D)
Candidate for Washington State Senate – District 34 (west Seattle)
senior manager at Microsoft

(open seat)
Sofia Aragon (D)
Candidate for Washington State Senate – District 34 (west Seattle)
Executive Director for the Washington Center for Nursing

(open seat)
My-Linh Thai (D)
Candidate for Washington House of Representatives – District 41, position 2 (Mercer Island, Newcastle, Bellevue)
Bellevue School Board President, pharmacist

(open seat)
Mike Yin (D)
Candidate for Wyoming House – District 16 (Jackson)
software engineer

Also see Asian-American Candidates page 




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