Colleges 2019

Colleges 2019

Statistics from the 2019 America’s Best Colleges 
by U.S. News & World Report for 2017-18 freshman class.

School % accepted total applicants number accepted % Asian-Am. in student body
Stanford 4.73 44,073 2,085 22
Harvard 5.16 39,506 2,037 21
Juilliard School 5.92 2,753 163 12*

Dropped from 30% in 1993 to 12% in 2019.  Stop donating.

Columbia 6.05 37,389 2,263 No info*
Princeton 6.41 31,056 1,990 21
Yale 6.93 32,879 2,277 18
MIT 7.17 20,247 1,452 27
CalTech 7.74 7,339 568 43
Pomona 8.36 9,045 756 15
U.S. Naval Academy 8.44 16,299 1,376 7
Brown 8.55 32,723 2,799 15
U. of Chicago 8.73 27,694 2,419 18
Northwestern 9.24 37,259 3,442 17
U. of Pennsylvania 9.30 40,413 3,757 21
U.S. Military Academy 9.56 12,972 1,240 8
Duke 9.86 33,077 3,261 21*
Claremont McKenna 10.36 6,349 658 11
Dartmouth 10.45 20,035 2,093 15
Swarthmore 10.70 9,382 1,004 17
Vanderbilt 10.85 31,462 3,415 13
U.S. Air Force Academy 11.57 10,202 1,180 5
Johns Hopkins 11.72 26,578 3,115 26
Cornell 12.67 47,039 5,962 19
Amherst 12.9 9,285 1,198 14
Cooper Union 13.05 2,574 336 20
Average 17.75%

*decrease from prior year

11/14/19 The College Fix: “Hundreds of students shame Harvard Asian American groups for not joining pro-DACA walkout”

11/14/19 Harvard Crimson: “Hundreds Sign Letter Condemning Asian Groups for Failing to Co-Sponsor DACA Walk-Out”

10/30/19 NBC News: “After Harvard affirmative action decision, Asian American students rethink college applications”

10/15/19 Minding the Campus: “Why Harvard’s Affirmative Action Victory Should Be Overturned”

10/8/19 Harvard Crimson: “Lead Trial Lawyer for SFFA Criticizes Ruling in Harvard Admissions Lawsuit”

10/8/19 WBUR: It’s Time To Rethink Race-Based Affirmative Action

10/7/19 The College Fix: “Harvard ruling shows liberals are OK with racial discrimination as long as it’s against Asian Americans ”

10/3/19 Wall Street Journal: “Harvard’s Legal Discrimination”

10/2/19 Boston Herald: “Harvard’s Asian student quota a lesson in liberal bias”

10/2/19 Washington Examiner: “Double talking liberal judge lets Harvard discriminate against Asian Americans”

10/2/19 Inside Higher Ed: “Judge Upholds Harvard’s Admissions Policies”

10/1/19 National Review: “Two Points about the Harvard Affirmative-Action Ruling”

10/1/19 Daily Caller: “Federal Judge Rules Against Asian Students In Harvard Race-Based Admissions Trial”

10/1/19 National Review: “Federal Judge Upholds Harvard’s Affirmative Action Admissions Policy”

10/1/19 NPR: “Federal Judge Upholds Harvard’s Race-Conscious Admissions Process”

9/23/19 The College Fix: “Harvard would admit 50 percent more Asian Americans without ‘legacy, athlete and racial preferences’”

9/19/19 The College Fix: “Virginia public colleges make Asian Americans work harder to get in, study finds”

9/5/19 “Former Yale Law Dean on Harvard anti-Asian discrimination case: The facts are just so embarrassing to Harvard… Quotas and a climate of dishonesty”

7/29/19 National Review: “The New Segregation on Campus”

7/24/19 NextShark: “Asian Americans the Largest Ethnic Group in UC Admissions Again This Year”

4/8/19 Minding the Campus: “Harvard Flinches and Admits a Few More Asians”

3/23/19 South China Morning Post: “College admissions scandal highlights the vulnerability of unfairly treated Asian-Americans”

3/15/19 India West: “Asian American Coalition for Education Condemns Corruption Exposed by College Admissions Scandal”

3/13/19 PRI: “As decision nears in Harvard affirmative action case, another legal fight brews in California”

3/13/19 NextShark: “Single Asian Mom Files $500 BILLION Lawsuit Against Rich Parents in College Bribe Scandal”

3/12/19 Time: “As the Harvard Admissions Case Nears a Decision, Hear From 2 Asian-American Students on Opposite Sides”

2/15/19 The American Prospect: “Affirmative Action Isn’t a Binary Choice for Harvard’s Asian Americans”

2/14/19 Bloomberg: “Harvard Judge Wants to Know Where the Asian-American Victims Are”

2/2/19 The Stanford Review: “Failed and Racist: Why Stanford Should Ditch Affirmative Action”

1/18/19 The News & Observer: “UNC defends itself after lawsuit claims admissions process unfairly uses race”

1/11/19 NBC News: “Awaiting ruling, Asian-American groups file opposing briefs in Harvard affirmative action case”

1/9/19 WGBH: “Asian-American Group Expands Support For Lawsuit Against Harvard”

12/14/18 Cornell Sun: “Cornell Accepts 22.6 Percent of Early Decision Applicants for the Class of 2023”

Cornell Accepts 22.6 Percent of Early Decision Applicants for the Class of 2023

12/14/18 Bloomberg: “New Harvard Admissions Data May Help School Fight Bias Lawsuit”

12/13/18 Harvard Crimson: “Harvard Admits 13.4 Percent of Early Applicants to Class of 2023”

12/6/18 Clasp: “Asian-American Students Have Highest Amount of Unmet Financial Aid Need”

11/30/18 The Daily Signal: “Harvard Gives Asian-Americans Low ‘Personality’ Ratings to Justify Discrimination”

Harvard Gives Asian-Americans Low ‘Personality’ Ratings to Justify Discrimination

11/21/18 Above The Law: “Asian Americans v. Harvard: A Closer Look: What are the key issues in the case, and when can we expect a ruling?”

Asian Americans v. Harvard: A Closer Look

11/19/18 Inside Higher Ed: “New Front in Fight Over Affirmative Action: Lawsuit seeks information on candidates for admission throughout University of California campuses, seeking to demonstrate that race continues to be a factor in admissions”

11/15/18 The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Who Else Will Get Sued Over Their Admissions Policies?”

11/15/18 Los Angeles Times: “UCLA professor wants to see data on whether UC illegally uses race in admissions decisions”

11/13/18 NPR: “Asian-American High School Seniors Closely Watching Harvard Affirmative Action Case”

11/9/18 WBUR: “In The Harvard Affirmative-Action Lawsuit, No One Wins”

11/3/18 CNN: “Harvard affirmative action trial arguments come to a close”

11/3/18 KTLA: “In Harvard Affirmative Action Trial, Plaintiffs Says Stereotypes of Asian Americans Result in Biased Admissions Process”
In Harvard Affirmative Action Trial, Plaintiffs Says Stereotypes of Asian Americans Result in Biased Admissions Process

11/2/18 The Weekly Standard: “The 20 Arguments For Discriminating Against Asian Americans . . . and Why They’re Wrong”

11/2/18 The National Interest: “Stop Using Diversity to Justify Racism at Harvard”

11/2/18 USA Today: “Harvard shouldn’t punish Asian-American students for working too hard, achieving too much”

11/1/18 Harvard Crimson: “McGrath Grilled Over How And When Harvard Added Written Rules On Race to Admissions Policies”

10/31/18 The Daily Caller: “Opinion: Asian Americans Shall Not be Victimized Again By Race-Based Policies”

10/31/18 The Cornell Review: “Affirmative Action: An Unfair Means of Discrimination”

Affirmative Action: An Unfair Means of Discrimination

10/30/18 Minding the Campus: Education Journals Show Bias in Favor of Harvard in Lawsuit

Education Journals Show the Flag for Harvard in Lawsuit

10/26/18 Breitbart: “Harvard Asian Discrimination Trial Day 9: Duke Economist Condemns Affirmative Action”

10/25/18 Bloomberg: “Harvard’s Own Admissions Chart Comes Back to Haunt It in Trial”

10/23/18 CNN: “Asian-Americans should be angry about allegations against Harvard”

10/23/18 NextShark: “Asian American Frat at Cal Poly Banned for 2 Years Over Dangerous Hazing Rituals”

10/21/18 Next Big Future: “Race Discrimination reduces Asian American top college entrance by half”
Ivy league schools have 15-22% Asian enrollment versus 40-50% at top universities without race discrimination.
Caltech is a top school that does not discriminate based on race and Asian Americans are over 40% of the students admitted to Caltech. UC Berkeley does not discriminate based on race and it has Asian American enrollment at 42.3 percent. At UCSD (UC San Diego), 50% of undergrads are Asian. At UCLA, 40% of undergrads are Asian.

Race Discrimination reduces Asian American top college entrance by half

10/19/18 The Harvard Crimson: “Asian-American Harvard Applicants Saw Lowest Admit Rate of Any Racial Group From 1995 to 2013”
By Shera S. Avi-Yonah and Molly C. McCafferty
Over a nearly two-decade period starting in 1995, Asian-American applicants to Harvard saw the lowest acceptance rate of any racial group that applied to the school, according to data presented in court Thursday as part of the Harvard admissions trial.
Data for that time period — which begins with the admissions cycle for applicants to Harvard’s Class of 2000 and ends with the cycle for the Class of 2017 — show that Asian-American candidates on average saw an admission rate of 8.1 percent. By comparison, white applicants saw an average acceptance rate of 11.1 percent in that time period, African-American applicants saw an average acceptance rate of 13.2 percent, and Hispanic-American applicants saw an average acceptance rate of 10.6 percent.
The analysis showed that Native-American and Native-Hawaiian students saw an average acceptance rate of 10.4 percent in that time period — but the statistic is likely less meaningful given the relatively small pool of applicants hailing from those racial backgrounds. Significantly fewer Native Americans and Native Hawaiians applied to the College each year than did members of other racial groups.
On average, 4,910 Asian-American, 1,938 African-American, 2,082 Hispanic-American, and 8,685 white students applied to Harvard in any given year included in the dataset. Just 233 Native-American and Native Hawaiian students did the same.
The average acceptance rate overall during the time period covered by the dataset clocked in at 9.3 percent. Asian-Americans were the only racial group whose acceptance rate dips below that average.
The numbers also show how the pool of prospective applicants to Harvard has changed since the mid-1990s.
From 1994 to 2014, Harvard saw a 257 percent increase in applications from African-American students and a 208 percent increase in applications from Hispanic-American students. The number of Asian-American applicants increased by 94 percent and the number of white applicants increased by 63 percent.
The acceptance rates for every single racial group decreased during that time period — consistent with the fact that the Harvard admissions process has grown increasingly competitive in recent years. In 2018, the College saw an acceptance rate below 5 percent for the first time in school history.
But the acceptance rates for all racial groups did not fall at the same rate. African-American applicants saw the steepest decline — their acceptance rates fell by 12.4 percentage points over 18 years. In the 1995-1996 admissions cycle, 19.2 percent of African-American Harvard hopefuls earned a spot at the College; in the 2012-2013 cycle, just 6.8 percent of African-American applicants did so.
Hispanic-Americans saw the second-steepest decline of 8.9 percentage points, while white students saw a decline of 5.4 percentage points. Asian-American applicants saw the smallest decrease: their acceptance rate fell by just 3.6 percentage points in that time period.
The overall decline in acceptance rates for all students measured 5.6 percentage points.
The relatively large decrease in acceptance rates for African-American and Hispanic-American applicants likely reflects the fact that Harvard has increased its outreach efforts to communities of color over the past few years. Admissions officers regularly conduct “extensive outreach to minority applicants” as part of the Undergraduate Minority Recruitment Program, according to Harvard-submitted court documents.
Overall, the data shows, admit rates for applicants of all races have grown increasingly similar over the past two decades or so. And all racial group-specific acceptance rates have inched closer to Harvard’s overall acceptance rate.

10/18/18 Vox: “I support affirmative action. But Harvard really is hurting Asian Americans”

10/17/18 New York Post: “Harvard’s gatekeeper reveals SAT cutoff scores based on race”
A Harvard University dean testified that the school has different SAT score standards for prospective students based on factors such as race and sex — but insisted that the practice isn’t discriminatory, as a trial alleging racism against Asian-American applicants began this week.
Dean of admissions William Fitzsimmons said Harvard sends recruitment letters to African-American, Native American and Hispanic high schoolers with mid-range SAT scores, around 1100 on math and verbal combined out of a possible 1600, CNN reported.
Asian-Americans only receive a recruitment letter if they score at least 250 points higher — 1350 for women, and 1380 for men.
Fitzsimmons explained a similar process for white wannabe students in states that don’t see a lot of Harvard attendees, like Montana or Nevada. Students in those states would receive a recruitment letter if they had at least a 1310 on their SATs.

10/17/18 Wall Street Journal: “Harvard Admissions Dean Largely Ignored Report on Factors Affecting Asian-American Applicants”
Asian-Americans would comprise 43% of the freshman class if admission hinged solely on academics
By Melissa Korn
BOSTON—Were admission to Harvard based solely on academic merit, Asian-Americans would comprise 43% of the freshman class, while African-Americans would make up less than 1%, according to an internal Harvard report discussed at a trial here Wednesday.
The internal study, conducted by Harvard’s Office of Institutional Research and labeled as preliminary, simulated what the admitted class would look like depending on which factors Harvard’s admissions office considered. The upshot: Asian-Americans fared best when the class was crafted based on academics alone. The share of Asian-Americans shrinks to 31.4% when recruited athletes and the children of Harvard graduates are factored in. When extracurricular and personal ratings also come into play, the share of Asian-Americans drops to 26%.
Asian-Americans were the only racial or ethnic group to see a decrease in their projected class representation with the inclusion of extra-curriculars and personal ratings.
The report shows that the actual admitted-student population, which also considers race, gender and other factors not in the internal simulations, was 18.7% Asian-American and 10.5% African-American combined across the decade that was reviewed.
The report’s introductory pages said the topics to be studied included, among others, affordability for low-income students, the impact of the engineering program on the gender balance of students and “Does the admissions process disadvantage Asians?”
When admissions dean William Fitzsimmons received the report in 2013, according to his testimony Wednesday, he followed up on discussions about the impact of financial-aid programs and changes to early admissions policies. He said he didn’t follow up on the section about whether certain factors put Asians at a disadvantage and didn’t pass the report along to the university’s president or other top university officials.
The Office of Institutional Research indicated in its report that further details around the personal rating, which reviews factors including teacher and counselor recommendations, essays and interviews, “may provide further insight.”
The personal rating is one of four broad areas that admissions officers consider, alongside academics, athletics and extracurriculars. Applicants also receive an overall rating.

10/15/18 NextShark: “Asian American Groups Get Into Heated Clash During Harvard Affirmative Action Protest”

10/15/18 The College Fix: “Hundreds rally in Boston to demand Harvard end discrimination against Asian Americans”

Hundreds rally in Boston to demand Harvard end discrimination against Asian Americans

10/14/18 Washington Post: “We’re here to say no’: Asian-American critics rally against Harvard admissions policy”

10/12/18 Los Angeles Times: “Does Harvard discriminate against Asians? In a case that could upend college admissions, the Ivy League goes on trial”

10/11/18 New Yorker: “Anti-Asian Bias, Not Affirmative Action, Is on Trial in the Harvard Case”

10/10/18 Forbes: “Should I Tell Colleges I Am Asian-American? Yes”

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