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The webmaster does not endorse any of these candidates and may disagree with their positions.  If I say there is a 60% chance of rain, I am not endorsing rain.

2019 Election

David Ryu
Los Angeles City Council – 4th District
(Larchmont to Los Feliz and into Studio City in the San Fernando Valley)
Director of Development at psychiatric hospital
2015 election results:
David Ryu 54.8%
Carolyn Ramsay  45.2%

David Oh (R)
Philadelphia City Council – at large
2011 election results
Oh   50.12%
Taubenberger   49.88%
2015 election results:
won 1 of 7 at large seats with 3.8% of the vote

Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D)
Delegate, Virginia House – District 21
2017 Election Results:
Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D)  52.6%
Ronald Villanueva (R)  47.4%

2020 Election

Contests in 2018

Federal contests

Hiral Tipirneni (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Arizona District 8 (northwest Phoenix, Surprise)
May 2018 special election results:
Debbie Lesko (R)  52.6%
Hiral Tipirneni (D)  47.4%

(won with only 51%)
Ami Bera, MD (D)- incumbent

U.S. House – California District 7 (Sacramento suburbs)
2010 election results: (old District 3 (Sacramento, Folsom))
Lungren (R) 51%
Bera (D) 43%
2012 election results:
Bera 50.4%
Lungren 49.6%
2014 election results:
Ami Bera (D) 50.4%
Doug Ose (R) 49.6%
2016 primary results (top 2 advance to general election):
Ami Bera (D) 53.6%
Scott Jones (R) 46.3%
2016 election results:
Ami Bera (D)  51%
Scott Jones (R)  49%
2018 primary results:
Ami Bera (D)  52%
Andrew Grant (R)  33%

(open seat)
Ms. Young Kim (R)
Candidate for U.S. House – California District 39 (Fullerton, parts of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties)
former member of California Assembly – District 65 (Orange County)
2018 primary results:
Young Kim (R)  22%
Gil Cisneros (D)  19%

(open seat)
Mai-Khanh Tran, M.D. (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – California District 39 (Fullerton, parts of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties)
2018 primary results:
Young Kim (R)  22%
Gil Cisneros (D)  19%
Mai Tran (D)  5%
Herbert Lee (D)  4%

(won with only 51.5%)
Stephanie Murphy (D) – incumbent

U.S. House – Florida District 7 (Seminole, Orange and Volusia counties)
businesswoman and defense expert
2016 election results:
Stephanie Murphy (D)  51.5%
John Mica (R)  48.5%

David Kim (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Georgia District 7 (Forsyth and Gwinnett counties)
founder of C2 Education, a national test prep company
Primary results:
Carolyn Bourdeaux  27.3%
David Kim  25.9%
Ethan Pham 17.84%
Run-off July 24, 2018

(open seat)
Dan Koh (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Massachusetts District 3
(parts of Worcester, Middlesex and Essex counties)
Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor
Primary: Sept. 4, 2018

(open seat)
Suneel Gupta (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Michigan District 11
(portions of Oakland and Wayne counties)
former Groupon executive

Andy Kim (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – New Jersey District 3 (Burlington, Ocean Counties)
former national security advisor
(Cook Political Report lists as competitive House seat)

(open seat)
Pearl Kim (R-PA)
Candidate for U.S. House – Pennsylvania District 5 (portions of Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties)
Senior Deputy Attorney General

Gina Ortiz Jones (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Texas District 23 (San Antonio)
former Director for Investment at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
Primary results:
Jones 68%
Treviño 32%
(Cook Political Report lists as competitive House seat)

State contests

(open seat)
Kimberly Yee (R)
Candidate for Arizona treasurer
Arizona Senate Majority Leader
Arizona Senate – District 20 (Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix)

(open seat)
Jane Kim (D)
Candidate for mayor of San Francisco
Member of the San Francisco board of supervisors
2018 primary results:
London Breed  36%
Mark Leno  26%
Jane Kim  23%

(open seat)
Mike Eng (D)
Candidate for California Senate – District 22 (San Gabriel Valley)
former California Assemblyman – District 49 (Alhambra, Monterey
Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel in Los Angeles County)
2018 primary results:
Mike Eng (D)  44.6%
Susan Rubio (D)  26.9%

(won with less than 55%)
Al Muratsuchi (D)
California Assembly – District 66
(Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Gardena, Torrance)
former member, California Assembly – District 66
former member of Torrance Board of Education and
a prosecutor with the California Department of Justice
2012 primary results:
Muratsuchi    (D) 40.9        %
Huey (R) 38.5%
(top 2 advance to general election)
2012 election results:
Muratsuchi 53.8%
Huey 46.2%
2014 election results:
David Hadley (R) 51.4%
Al Muratsuchi (D) 48.6% (incumbent)
2016 primary results (top 2 advance to general election):
Al Muratsuchi (D) 48.73%
David Hadley (R) (incumbent) 44.58%
Mike Madrigal (D)  6.68%
2016 election results
Al Muratsuchi (D) 53.5%
David Hadley (R) (incumbent) 46.5%
2018 primary results:
Al Muratsuchi (D)  49.3%
Frank A. Scotto (R)  45.0%

(open seat)
Tyler Diep (R)
Candidate for California Assembly – District 72 (northern Orange County)
Vice-Mayor, Westminster City Council
2018 primary results:
Josh Lowenthal (D)  36.7%
Tyler Diep (R) 29.8%

(open seat)
William Tong (D)
Candidate for Attorney General – Connecticut
State Representative

(open seat)
Ms. Dita Bhargava (D)
Candidate for Connecticut state treasurer
former Wall Street portfolio manager

(won with less than 55%)
Sam Park (D)

Georgia House of Representatives – District 101 (Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County)
2016 election results
Samuel Park (D)  51.1%
Valerie Clark (R) 48.9%

(open seat)
Megan Srinivas (D)
Candidate for Iowa House – District 9

Nima Kulkarni (D)
Candidate for Kentucky House – District 40
2018 primary results:
Nima Kulkarni  46.59%
Dennis Horlander (incumbent)  25.37%
Logan Gatti  15.35%
Kelly Gibson  12.68%

(won with 46.5%)
Dean Tran (R)
State Senator – Massachusetts – District (Worcester & Middlesex)
former Fitchburg City Councilor
Dec. 5, 2017 special election results
Tran 46.5%
Chalifoux Zephir (D) 42.1%
Freda 9.9%

(open seat)
Jay Xiong (D)
Candidate for Minnesota House – District 67B (east St. Paul)

(open seat)
Lisa Shin (R)
Candidate for New Mexico House, District 43

Mujtaba A. Mohammed (D)
Candidate for North Carolina Senate – District 38
Primary results:
Mujtaba A. Mohammed  51.93%
Joel Ford (incumbent)  40.71%
Roderick Davis  4.75%
Tim Wallis  2.60%

(won by 96 votes)
Helen Tai (D)
Candidate for Pennsylvania House District 178 (Bucks County, Philadelphia suburbs)
Solebury Township Supervisor
May 2018 special election results:
Tai 50.4%
Thomas 49.6%
Special election filled only rest of term
Will run again in November 2018

(open seat)
Joe Nguyen (D)
Candidate for Washington State Senate – District 34 (west Seattle)
senior manager at Microsoft

(open seat)
Sofia Aragon (D)
Candidate for Washington State Senate – District 34 (west Seattle)
Executive Director for the Washington Center for Nursing

(open seat)
My-Linh Thai (D)
Candidate for Washington House of Representatives – District 41, position 2 (Mercer Island, Newcastle, Bellevue)
Bellevue School Board President, pharmacist

(open seat)
Mike Yin (D)
Candidate for Wyoming House – District 16 (Jackson)
software engineer

Also see Asian-American Candidates page 




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