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The webmaster does not endorse any of these candidates and may disagree with their positions.  If I say there is a 60% chance of rain, I am not endorsing rain.

2022 Election

Elizabeth Heng (R)
Candidate for U.S. House – California District 22 (Fresno, Central Valley)
chief of protocol and member outreach, House Foreign Affairs Committee
Special election results:
Connie Conway (R)    35.2%
Lourin Hubbard (D)  19.4%
Elizabeth Heng (R) 6.2%

(first term, won with less than 55%)
Ms. Young Kim (R)

U.S. House – California District 40
former member of California Assembly – District 65 (Orange County)
2020 primary results:
Young Kim (R)  48.3%
Gil Cisneros (D)  46.9% (incumbent)
2020 general election:
Young Kim (R)  50.6%
Gil Cisneros (D)  49.4%
Primary results:
Asif Mahmood (D)     41.0%
Young Kim (R)           34.6%

(first term, won with less than 55%)
Michelle Steel (R)
U.S. House – California District 45
Vice-Chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisors
2020 primary results:
Harley Rouda (D)  46.7% (incumbent)
Michelle Steel (R)  34.9%
2020 general election:
Michelle Steel (R)  50.9%
Harley Rouda (D)  49.1%

(open seat)
Candidates for U.S. House – Hawai’i District 2
Nicole Gi (D)
Jill Tokuda (D)
former Hawaii State Senator
Kyle Yoshida (D)
Primary: August 13, 2022

(Open seat)
Lily Tang Williams (R)
Candidate for U.S. Congress – New Hampshire District 2
Primary: September 13, 2022

(open seat)
Reema Rasool (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – New York District 3 (Nassau County’s North Shore, northeastern Queens, northwestern Suffolk County)
Pakistani American

(won with less than 55%)
Andy Kim (D)
U.S. House – New Jersey District 3 (Burlington, Ocean Counties)
former national security advisor
2020 Primary: no opponent
2020 general election:
Andrew Kim (D)  54.3%
David Richter (R) 44.6%

(Open seat)
Candidates for U.S. House – New York District 10 (Chinatown, lower Manhattan, Brooklyn (Park Slope, Sunset Park)
Jimmy Jiang Li (D)
Asian-American community leader
Elizabeth Kim (D)
Behavioral Scientist
Ms. Yuh-Line Niou (D)
New York State Assemblywoman
Mr. Yan Xiong (D)
Tiananmen Square dissident.  Communist China attempted to disrupt his candidacy.
A suspect has been charged.
Primary: August 23, 2022

(open seat)
Allan Fung (R)
Candidate for U.S. House – Rhode Island District 2 (west Rhode Island)
Primary: September 13, 2022

(first term, won with less than 55%)
Marilyn Strickland (D)
U.S. House – Washington District 10 (Thurston, Pierce, and Mason counties)
former mayor of Tacoma
(mother Korean)
2020 general election:
Marilyn Strickland (D)  50.2%
Beth Doglio (D)  35.9%

(first term, won with less than 55%)
Scott Kawasaki (D)

Alaska State Senator – District A (Fairbanks, Fort Wainwright)
former member, Alaska House of Representatives – District 4 (West Fairbanks)
2018 election results:
Scott Kawasaki (D) 50.8% (4,577)
Pete Kelly (R) 48.8% (4,398)
Write-in votes 0.4% (37)

Open seat
Mr. Lanhee Chen (R)
Candidate for California Controller
Fellow at the Hoover Institution, director of domestic policy studies and lecturer at Stanford University, and lecturer in law at Stanford Law School
Primary results:
Lanhee Chen (R) 36.9%
Malia M. Cohen (D)  22.7%
Yvonne Yiu (D)  15.1%
(top two advance to general election)

(first term)
Fiona Ma (D)
California State Treasurer
California State Board of Equalization – District 2
former California Assembly member – District 12 (San Francisco)
2018 election results:
Fiona Ma 61.2%
Greg Conlon 38.8%
Primary results:
Fiona Ma (D) 57.8%
Jack M. Guerrero (R) 21.7%
Andrew Do (R) 16.9%
(top two advance to general election)

(first term)
Rob Bonta (D)
California Attorney General
former member of California Assembly
nominated in March 2021 as Attorney General
Primary results:
Rob Bonta (D) 54.7%
Nathan Hochman (R) 18.1%
(top two advance to general election)

Open seat
Lily Mei (D)
Candidate for California Senate – District 10 (Fremont)
Fremont Mayor
Primary results:
Lily Mei (D)  33.1%
Aisha Wahab (D)  30.0%
Paul J Pimentel (R)  21.6%
Jamal Khan (D)  7.3%
Raymond Liu (D)  4.9%
(top two advance to general election)

(won with less than 55%)
Janet Nguyen (R)
Candidate for California State Senate – District 36
California State Assembly – District 72
Former California State Senator (district 34), former Orange County Supervisor
2020 General Election (California State Assembly – District 72)
Janet Nguyen (R)  54.2%
Diedre Nguyen (D)  45.8%
Primary results:
Janet Nguyen (R) 56.7%
Kim Carr (D)  43.3%

Open seat
Stephanie Nguyen (D)
Candidate for California State Assembly – District 10 (Elk Grove)
member of the Elk Grove City Council
Primary result:
Stephanie Nguyen (D)  30.9%
Eric Guerra (D)  28.8%
(top two advance to general election)

Open seat
Annie Cho (D)
Candidate for California Assembly – District 40
small-business woman and realtor
Primary results:
Suzette Martinez Valladares (R)  47.6%
Pilar Schiavo (D)  33.8%
Annie E. Cho (D)  18.6%
(top two advance to general election)

(won with less than 55%)
Steven S. Choi (R)
California Assembly – District 73
Mayor of Irvine
2020 General Election (district 68):
Steven S. Choi (R)  53.1%
Melissa Fox (D) 46.9%
Primary results:
Cottie Petrie-Norris (D)  56.2%
Steven “Steve” Choi (R)  43.8%
(top two advance to general election)

(first term, won with less than 55%)
William Tong (D)

Attorney General – Connecticut
Former State Representative
2018 election results:
William Tong (D) 51.6%
Susan Hatfield (R) 47.3%

(won with less than 55%)
Tony Hwang (R)

Connecticut State Senate – District 28 (Weston)
Former member, Connecticut General Assembly – 134th District (Fairfield, Trumbull)
2020 General Election:
Tony Hwang (R / Independent Party)  51.7%
Michelle Lapine McCabe (D / Working Families Party)  48.3%

(open seat)
Yukong Mike Zhao (R)
Candidate for Florida House (District 50 – Orlando)
former Director of Global Planning at Siemens Energy

(first term)
Michelle Au (D)
Georgia State Senate – District 48 (North Fulton and Gwinnett County)
2020 General Election:
Michelle Au (D)  56.2%
Matt Reeves (R)  43.8%

(first term)
Ram Villivalam (D)
Illinois State Senate – District 8
Healthcare consultant
2018 primary results:
Ram Villivalam (D) 51.3%
Ira Silverstein (D) 30.0%
Caroline McAteer-Fournier (D) 13.5%
David Zulkey (D) 5.2%
2018 general election: unopposed

(first term)
Harry Bhandari (D)
Maryland House – District 8
2018 election results:
Eric Bromwell (D) 17.9%
Harry Bhandari (D) 17.6%
Joseph Boteler III (R) 16.8%
Joe Cluster (R) 16.3%
Carl Jackson (D) 16.1%
Joe Norman (R) 15.3%
District 8 is represented by three officials

(first term)
Jay Jalisi (D)
Maryland House of Delegates – District 10
2018 election results:
Adrienne Jones (D) 27.4%
Benjamin Brooks (D) 26.8%
Jay Jalisi (D) 26.4%
George Harman (R) 6.9%
Brian Marcos (R) 6.2%
Matthew Kaliszak (R) 6.0%
District 10 is represented by three officials

(first term)
Lily Qi (D)
Maryland House – District 15
2018 election results:
Kathleen Dumais (D) 24.4%
Lily Qi (D) 23.3%
David Fraser-Hidalgo (D) 22.6%
District 15 is represented by three officials

(first term, won with less than 55%)
Kevin Thomas (D)
New York State Senate – District 6
2020 General Election:
Kevin Thomas (D / Working Families Party) 50.7%
Dennis Dunne, Sr. (R / Conservative Party / Independence Party)  48.7%
Jonathan Gunther (L) 0.6%

(first term, won with less than 55%)
Tina Maharath (D)
Ohio State Senate – District 3 (Columbus)
financial analyst
(Laotian American)
2018 election results:
Tina Maharath (D) 50.3% (66,438)
Anne Gonzales (R) 49.7% (65,733)

(won with less than 55%)
Niraj Antani (R)

Ohio House of Representatives – District 42 (Miamisburg)
2020 General Election:
Niraj Antani (R) 53.2%
Mark Fogel (D)  46.8%

(open seat)
Linda Ujifusa (D)
Candidate for Rhode Island Senate District 11 (Portsmouth)
Portsmouth Town Council member

(open seat)
Victoria Gu (D)
Candidate for Rhode Island Senate District 38 (Charlestown)
Chair of Charlestown’s Climate Resiliency Commission

(Won with less than 55%)
Angie Chen Button (R)

Texas House of Representatives – District 112
(Garland and Richardson, Dallas suburbs)
2020 General Election:
Angie Chen Button (R) 48.9%
Brandy Chambers (D) 48.6%
Shane Newsom (L) 2.5%

(first term)
Manka Dhingra (D)
Washington State Senate – District 45 (Duvall, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish and Woodinville)
2018 election results:
Manka Dhingra (D) 63.4%
Dale Fonk (R) 36.6%

(first term, won with less than 55%)
Mona Das (D)
Washington State Senate – District 47 (King, Kent Counties)
founder, mortgage company
2018 election results:
Mona Das (D) 50.5% (27,303)
Joe Fain (R) 49.5% (26,755)

(first term, won with less than 55%)
Josh Kaul (D)

Wisconsin Attorney General
2018 election results:
Josh Kaul (D) 49.4%
Brad Schimel (R) 48.8%
Terry Larson (Constitution Party) 1.8%

Also see Asian-American Candidates page 


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