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The webmaster does not endorse any of these candidates and may disagree with their positions.  If I say there is a 60% chance of rain, I am not endorsing rain.

2020 Election

(won with less than 55%)
Ami Bera, MD (D)- incumbent
U.S. House – California District 7 (Elk Grove)
2010 election results: (old District 3 (Sacramento, Folsom))
Lungren (R) 51%
Bera (D) 43%
2012 election results:
Bera 50.4%
Lungren 49.6%
2014 election results:
Ami Bera (D) 50.4%
Doug Ose (R) 49.6%
2016 primary results (top 2 advance to general election):
Ami Bera (D) 53.6%
Scott Jones (R) 46.3%
2016 election results:
Ami Bera (D)  51%
Scott Jones (R)  49%
2018 primary results:
Ami Bera (D)  51.7%
Andrew Grant (R) 32.6%
2018 election results:
Ami Bera 52.7%
Andrew Grant 47.3%

won with less than 55%)
T.J. Cox (D)
U.S. House – California District 21 (central valley, Fresno suburbs)
2018 election results:
TJ Cox 50.4%
David Valadao 49.6%

(attempting to unseat freshman incumbent who won with less than 55%)
Ms. Young Kim (R)

Candidate for U.S. House – California District 39 (Fullerton, parts of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties)
former member of California Assembly – District 65 (Orange County)
2018 primary results:
Young Kim (R)  21.7%
Gil Cisneros (D)  19.1%
2018 election results:
Gil Cisneros 50.8% (113,249)
Young Kim 49.2% (109,718)

(attempting to unseat freshman incumbent who won with less than 55%)
Michelle Steel (R)
Candidate for U.S. House – California District 48 (Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Westminster)
Vice-Chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisors
Primary: March 3, 2020

(open seat)
Tom Wong (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – California District 53 (San Diego)

(Freshman, won with less than 55%)
Andy Kim (D)
U.S. House – New Jersey District 3 (Burlington, Ocean Counties)
former national security advisor
2018 election results:
Andrew Kim (D) 49.9% (150,510)
Tom MacArthur (R) 48.8% (147,036)
Lawrence Berlinski Jr. (Constitution Party) 1.3% (3,846)

Sri Preston Kulkarni (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Texas District 22 (Houston suburbs)
Primary results:
Sri Preston Kulkarni  31.8%
Letitia Plummer  24.3%
Run-off results:
Sri Preston Kulkarni  62.12%
Letitia Plummer 37.88%
2018 election results:
Peter G. “Pete” Olson 51.4%
Sri Preston Kulkarni 46.4%

(open seat)
Gina Ortiz Jones (D)
Candidate for U.S. House – Texas District 23 (San Antonio)
former Director for Investment at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
Primary results:
Jones 68%
Treviño 32%
2018 election results:
William “Will” Hurd (R) 49.2% (102,903)
Gina Ortiz Jones (D) 48.7% (101,753)
Ruben Corvalan (L) 2.1% (4,402)

State Contests

(California candidates listed by district)

Amish Shah (D)
Arizona House – District 24 (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe)
2018 primary results:
Amish Shah 29%
Jennifer Longdon 21%
Ken Clark 18%
Denise Link 10%
John Glenn 9%
Marcus Ferrell 8%
Fred Dominguez 5%
2018 election results:
Jennifer Longdon (D) 40.3%
Amish Shah (D) 39.2%
David Alger Sr. (R) 20.5%
(two seats)

Ling Ling Chang (R)

California Senate – District 29 (Anaheim)
Replacement in case of recall:
Ling Ling Chang (R) 34%
Joseph Cho (D)  20%
Bruce Whitaker (R)  19%
Josh Ferguson (D)  12%
Kevin Carr (D)  9%
George Shen (R)  5%
(Democratic Senator Josh Newman was recalled, Ling Ling Chang won)

(Freshman, won with less than 55%)
Tyler Diep (R)
California Assembly – District 72 (northern Orange County)
Vice-Mayor, Westminster City Council
2018 primary results:
Josh Lowenthal (D)  36.7%
Tyler Diep (R) 29.8%
2018 election results:
Tyler Diep (R) 54.1%
Josh Lowenthal (D) 45.9%

(won with less than 55%)
Tony Hwang (R)
Connecticut State Senate – District 28 (Weston)
Former member, Connecticut General Assembly – 134th District (Fairfield, Trumbull)
first elected 2008
2014 election results:
Tony Hwang (R) 56%
Kim Fawcett (D) 44%
2016 election results:
Tony Hwang (R)  57.3%
Phil Dwyer (D)  37.8%
2018 election results:
Tony Hwang (R) 52.0%
Michelle Lapine McCabe (D) 48.0%

won with less than 55%)
Chris Chyung (D)

Indiana State Representative, District 015
2018 election results:
Chris Chyung (D)  50.2% (12,468)
Harold Slager (R)  49.8% (12,386)

(Freshman, won with less than 55%)
Dean Tran (R)
Massachusetts State Senate – District (Worcester & Middlesex)
former Fitchburg City Councilor
Dec. 5, 2017 special election results
Tran 46.5%
Chalifoux Zephir (D) 42.1%
Freda 9.9%
2018 election results:
Dean Tran (R) 54.3%
Susan Chalifoux-Zephir (D) 45.7%

(Freshman, won with less than 55%)
Ms. Tram Nguyen (D)
Massachusetts House – 18th Essex
2018 election results:
Tram Nguyen (D) 54.8%
James Lyons Jr. (R) 45.2%

(Freshman, won with less than 55%)
Ms. Padma Kuppa (D)

Michigan House of Representatives – District 41 (Troy)
2018 election results:
Padma Kuppa (D) 51.3%
Doug Tietz (R) 48.7%

Julie Radhakrishnan (D)
New Hampshire House of Representatives – Hillsborough 22
2018 election results:
Megan Murray (D) 18.8%
Julie Radhakrishnan (D) 17.4%
Reed Panasiti (R) 16.7%
Daniel Veilleux (D) 16.6%
Peter Hansen (R) 15.9%
Scott Courtemanche (R) 14.7%
(district represented by top 3)

Latha Mangipudi (D)
New Hampshire House of Representatives – Hillsborough 35
2018 election results:
Laura Telerski (D) 21.6%
Latha Mangipudi        (D) 21.3%
Skip Cleaver (D) 19.8%
Peter Silva (R) 13.5%
Paul Hutsteiner (R) 11.9%
Michael Mader (R) 11.9%
(district represented by top 3)

Mr. Aboul Khan (R)
New Hampshire House of Representatives – Rockingham 20
2018 election results:
Aboul Khan (R) 20.3%
William Fowler (R) 18.7%
Max Abramson (R) 18.0%
Patricia O’Keefe (D) 16.6%
Greg Marrow (D) 13.8%
Denis Rice (D) 12.6%
(district represented by top 3)

(Freshman, won with less than 55%)
Kevin Thomas (D)
New York State Senate – District 6
2018 election results:
Kevin Thomas (D) 50.6%
Kemp Hannon (R) 49.3%

(Freshman, won with less than 55%)
John Liu (D)
New York State Senate District 11 (Queens)
Former NYC Comptroller, NYC Council member
September 2014 primary results:
Tony Avella  52.2%
John Liu  47.8%
2018 primary results:
John Liu  53%
Tony Avella  47%
2018 election results:
John Liu (D) 53.5%
Vickie Paladino (R) 24.3%
Tony Avella (Independence Party) 20.8%
Simon Minching (Conservative Party) 1.4%

(Won with less than 55%)
Angie Chen Button (R)

Texas House of Representatives – District 112
(Garland and Richardson, Dallas suburbs)
2008 election results:
Angie Chen Button (R)  56%
Sandra Phuong Vule (D)  40%
Philip M. White (Lib) 4%
2010 election results:
Angie Chen Button (R) 83%
Troy Camplin (Lib) 17%
2012 election results: unopposed
2014 election results:
Angie Chen Button (R) 81.62%
Michael Binkley       (Lib) 18.37%
2016 primary results:
Angie Chen Button  77.42%
Chris DeHart  22.58%
2016 election results:
Angie Chen Button (R)  57.2%
Jack Blackshear    (D)  42.8%
2018 election results:
Angie Chen Button (R) 51.1%
Brandy Chambers (D) 48.9%

Also see Asian-American Candidates page 



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