College Admission Officers

Hi, I’m a bigot for the left, and I’m here to help you.  In the real world, credit scores are used to make lending decisions as quickly as possible.  In the socialist world  (universities), we waste time and resources forcing you to fill out reams of paperwork and employing people who dislike math and science to read applications.  We could admit applicants with high test scores and give preference to those from families with low income and low net worth, and we would save lots of money by laying off admission officers, but then 40% of our students would be Asian Americans!  We can’t have that!  We need to admit athletes and children of alumni.  Besides, we enjoy having applicants and their parents brown-nose us and hob-knobbing with wealthy and celebrity parents.    It makes us feel important!   We also want “diversity,” so we’ll admit more African Americans and Hispanics and commit reverse discrimination against Asian Americans.  That makes us feel important, too.  Remember: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

The Bigots for the Left who perpetrate reverse discrimination against Asian Americans.   Read the overwhelming evidence at Statistics on Reverse Discrimination.

When universities in California, Texas and Washington were barred from considering race, admissions of Asian American applicants jumped.

Federal agencies and federal contractors keep records of how many applicants from each race apply, how many offers are made to applicants of each race, and the racial composition of the resulting workforce.  This prevents discrimination against Asian Americans.

However, these colleges refuse to release statistics on how many Asian Americans apply, their average test scores and GPAs, how many Asian Americans are accepted and the same statistics for all applicants.

They are trying to hide their blatant discrimination against Asian Americans.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

According to The Price of Admission: How America’s Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite 
Colleges – and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates, by Dan Golden, Education Editor
of the Wall Street Journal, colleges are making Asian applicants the “new Jews”
and holding them to much higher standards than other students.


National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (www.naicu.edu)
2/8/08 NAICU Washington Update
“Likewise, after vigorous opposition from higher education, the Rules Committee disallowed an amendment by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) that would have required tracking of students admitted under affirmative action policies sanctioned by the Supreme Court.”

National Association for College Admission Counseling

Marilee Jones (until 2008)
Dean of Admissions
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
From Dan Golden’s book The Price of Admission: How America’s Ruling
Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges — and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates

“Similarly, MIT dean of admissions Marilee Jones rationalized the institute’s
rejection of a Korean-American applicant by resorting to stereotypes. Although
she wasn’t able to look up his application because records for his year had been
destroyed, “it’s possible that Henry Park looked like a thousand other Korean kids
with the exact same profile of grades and activities and temperament,” she
emailed me in 2003. “My guess is that he just wasn’t involved or interesting enough
to surface to the top.” She added that she could understand why a university would
take a celebrity child, legacy, or development admit over “yet another textureless
math grind.” College administrators who made such remarks about black or
Jewish students might soon find themselves higher education outcasts.”
4/27/07 Wall Street Journal: “MIT Admissions Dean Lied On Résumé in 1979, Quits,”
By Keith J. Winstein and Daniel Golden
Marilee Jones, the dean of admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
was forced to resign today after the school confirmed an anonymous tip that she had
lied about graduating from college herself.
She attended college for one year, as a part-time student at the Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute in 1974, but never received the bachelor’s or master’s degrees
that she claimed from RPI. Nor did she receive a degree she claimed from Albany
Medical College, the university found.  Registrars at RPI and Albany confirmed that
Ms. Jones didn’t receive degrees there.

4/2/08 Stanford Daily: “Room to remain for transfers- Stanford to accept transfer applicants despite halting of process at Harvard, Princeton, “

Director of Admission Shawn Abbott said a racial breakdown of the admitted class at Stanford – a record-low 9.5 percent of the 25,298 applicants – could not be provided to the public. “We never release any racial breakdowns of the admitted freshman class,” he said. “It has been the University’s long-standing policy not to do this.”

[Translation: We are Bigots for the Left. We are discriminating against Asian Americans and we don’t want to release statistics which would make our illegal actions obvious.”]

August 2005 Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (JBHE), p. 12:
At 13 of the 18 [high-ranking] universities that supplied data to JBHE, the black student
acceptance rate was higher than the acceptance rate for white students. In some cases the
difference was substantial. For instance, at MIT the black student acceptance rate was nearly
twice as high as the 15.9% acceptance rate for all applicants. At the University of Notre Dame
55.6% of black students were accepted compared to 30.4% of all applicants. At the University
of Virginia 62.2% of blacks were accepted whereas 38.2% of all applicants received notices
of acceptance.
Six of the high-ranking universities we surveyed had black acceptance rates that were lower
than the overall acceptance rate. At the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Los Angeles , which were prohibited from taking race into account during the 2004 admission process, the black acceptance rate was significantly below the rate for whites. The
black acceptance rate was also lower than the white rate at Washington University , Emory
University , and Wake Forest University .

Info from chart on page 7:

College (listed according to selectivity) All applicants Total accepted Overall acceptance rate Black applicants Blacks accepted Black acceptance rate Difference between overall acceptance rate and black acceptance rate % difference between overall acceptance rate and black acceptance rate
Harvard 19,752 2,110 10.7% 1,263 211 16.7% 6 56.1%
MIT 10,466 1,655 15.9% 383 121 31.6% 15.7 98.7%
Brown 15,286 2,534 16.6% 923 243 26.3% 9.7 58.4%
University of Pennsylvania 18,282 3,878 21.2% 1,199 361 30.1% 8.9 42.0%
Georgetown 14,841 3,261 22.0% 1,009 310 30.7% 8.7 39.5%
Washington University 19,822 4,400 22.2% 1,654 298 18.0% -4.2 -18.9%
Rice 8,110 1,806 22.3% 487 140 28.7% 6.4 28.7%
UCLA 43,197 9,981 23.1% 1,944 235 12.1% -11 -47.6%
UC-Berkeley 36,785 9,029 24.5% 1,553 236 15.2% -9.3 -38.0%
Cornell University 20,882 6,130 29.4% 1,031 316 30.6% 1.2 4.1%
Johns Hopkins 11,103 3,323 29.9% 922 338 36.7% 6.8 22.7%
Notre Dame 11,491 3,488 30.4% 331 184 55.6% 25.2 82.9%
Vanderbilt 11,147 4,256 38.18% 705 295 41.8% 3.62 9.4%
University of Virginia 15,149 5,786 38.19% 1,034 643 62.2% 24.01 62.9%
Emory 11,218 4,330 38.6% 1,594 476 29.9% -8.7 -22.5%
UNC – Chapel Hill 19,053 6,736 35.4% 2,209 812 36.8% 1.4 4.0%
Carnegie Mellon 14,113 5,868 41.6% 715 324 45.3% 3.7 8.9%
Wake Forest University 6,289 2,945 46.8% 408 147 36.0% -10.8 23.1%

Caltech, Columbia , Dartmouth , Duke, Northwestern, Princeton, Stanford, University of Michigan , and Yale did not submit complete data.







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