Sanders on Asian American Issues

3/16/16 NBC News: “Bernie Sanders Holds Meeting with Asian-American Leaders to Talk Issues”
by Stephany Bai
Comedian Kristina Wong was on tour in Minneapolis for her one-woman show “The Wong Street Journal” when she got a text message from her manager asking if she wanted to meet Sen. Bernie Sanders. She jumped at the opportunity to meet Sanders, who she calls “the most exciting man of the campaign.”
According to Wong, it was the presidential candidate’s first meeting specifically with Asian Americans.

2/8/16 buzzfeed: “Sanders Playing Catch-Up To Clinton With Asian Voters In Nevada”
by Jim Waterson
LAS VEGAS – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is ahead of her opponent Bernie Sanders when it comes to targeting Nevada’s rapidly growing Asian American population, according to activists who are attempting to increase voter turnout among immigrant communities in the early caucus state.

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