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Presidential Election: 3/18/19
APA Vote in Presidential Elections: 9/20/15

Donald Trump on Asian American Issues: 1/27/19

Affirmative Action Backfires: 7/30/18
Asian American Faculty: 9/21/17
Colleges 2017: 10/20/17
Colleges 2018: 11/21/18
Colleges 2019: 1/27/19
Free the North Koreans: 7/9/17
Hall of Shame: Bill De Blasio: 2/1/19
Hall of Shame: Cyrus Vance Jr.: (10/30/17)
Hall of Shame: Obama Dept. of Justice: 7/23/17
Hall of Shame: Hollywood: (Bigots for the Left: Asian American men do not exist): 8/27/18
Hate Crimes: 2/1/19
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Bigots for the Left who cast Asian American men as doctors in TV medical shows: only three in 50+ years:
“Dr. Ken”: Ken Jeong as Dr. Ken Park.  Thank you ABC.
“Three Rivers”: Daniel Henney as Dr. David Lee; “House, M.D.”: Kai Penn as Dr. Lawrence Kutner;
Kenneth Choi as obstetrician in first season, episode “Maternity” which aired December 7, 2004, and
anonymous Asian American men who appeared on the hospital’s board of directors and disciplinary
See Hall of Shame: TV Medical Shows

Evil corporations which feature Asian Americans in commercials:
Asian American men: AT&T, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser),  Bank of America, Barclays Global Investors,
Capital One, Careerbuilder.com, Circuit City, Cisco, Citibank, Comcast, CSX, Dodge, Domino’s,
Edward Jones (stock brokerage), eHarmony, ESPN, FedEx, Gillette, GlaxoSmithKline, Hillshire Farm,
HughesNet, Intel, Kashi (health foods), Mars (candy), McDonald’s, NFL Network, Nortel, Procter & Gamble
(Bounce sheets), Range Rover, Schick, Solvay Pharmaceuticals (Trilipix), State Farm, Subway restaurants,
UBS, UPS, U.S. Postal Service, Verizon Wireless, Volkswagen, Wendy’s
Asian American women: American Express, Audi, Bank of America, Bausch & Lomb, Best Buy, Brittoni,
Cisco, Cort, CVS pharmacy, Dunkin’ Donuts, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Franklin Templeton, Geico,
General Motors (Cadillac), Hyundai, IBM, Ikea, Intel, Kellogg, Kraft,  Lowe’s, Marriott, MassMutual,
McDonald’s, MFS Investment Management, Michelin, Microsoft, New York Times, Pfizer, Quiznos,
SAP (software), S.C. Johnson, State Farm, Target, TD Waterhouse,  U.S. Trust, Visa, Volvo, Wells Fargo
Both: American Express, Boeing, Citigroup, Disney, Geico, Hartford, Hilton, Lowe’s, Olay, Priceline,
Samsung, Shell

For current news about Asian Americans, go to www.google.com, click on “news” and type “Asian American”
or “Chinese American” or “Japanese American” etc.

6/13/19 Bloomberg: “The U.S. Is Purging Chinese Cancer Researchers From Top Institutions”

6/13/19 New York Post: “De Blasio’s bogus bid at appeasing Asian-American anger”

5/21/19 PRI: “Asian Americans could be the group most affected by the census citizenship question”

5/17/19 NBC News: “Asian American enclaves survived racist laws. Can they survive redevelopment?”

5/14/19 New York Magazine: “The Asian-American Electorate Is Becoming a Force”

5/14/19 The Washington Times: “The war against Asian Republicans”

5/14/19 The Federalist: “Asian Americans Push Back Against Identity Politics In Washington State”

5/13/19 Vox: “Trump could be turning Asian Americans into reliable Democratic voters”

5/8/19 NBC News: “Asian American buying power topped $1 trillion in 2018, Nielsen report finds”

5/6/19 NBC News: “5 Asian American political trailblazers who changed the United States”

4/9/19 Dallas Morning News: “Texas Tech Health Sciences Center agrees to end use of race in admissions process”

4/8/19 Minding the Campus: “Harvard Flinches and Admits a Few More Asians”

Harvard Flinches and Admits a Few More Asians

3/25/19 National Review: “The Republican Party Needs Asian Voters”

3/23/19 South China Morning Post: “College admissions scandal highlights the vulnerability of unfairly treated Asian-Americans”

3/20/19 Asia Times: “Chinatown’s story brought into sharp focus”

3/20/19 The Federalist: “Ocasio-Cortez Joins De Blasio In Call To Punish Asian Students”

3/16/19 Fast Company: “Former boss sheds light on Cindy Yang’s work for Asian GOP, Communist Party ties”

3/15/19 India West: “Asian American Coalition for Education Condemns Corruption Exposed by College Admissions Scandal”

3/14/19 Los Angeles Times: “New PAC aims to boost political fortunes of Asian American candidates”

3/14/19 NBC News: “John Chiang, Ex-Calif. treasurer, starts PAC to support Asian-American, Pacific Islander Democrats”

3/14/19 Daily Wire: “Democrat Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang: ‘One Generation Away From Americans Shooting Asians'”

3/13/19 PRI: “As decision nears in Harvard affirmative action case, another legal fight brews in California”

3/13/19 NextShark: “Single Asian Mom Files $500 BILLION Lawsuit Against Rich Parents in College Bribe Scandal”

3/12/19 Time: “As the Harvard Admissions Case Nears a Decision, Hear From 2 Asian-American Students on Opposite Sides”

3/10/19 New York Magazine: “What We Know About the Spa Owner Cindy Yang Selling Access to Trump”

3/10/19 Daily Texan: “Andrew Yang Hosts Presidential Campaign Rally in Austin”

2/24/19 New York Post: “De Blasio’s out to discriminate against Asian-American kids”

2/21/19 Los Angeles Times: “Asian Americans may have an educational advantage, but they face a ‘bamboo ceiling’ at work”

2/20/19 NextShark: “Former NBA VP Appointed as President and CEO of USA Gymnastics”

2/19/19 Next Shark: “Andrew Yang is One Step Closer to Being the First Asian American President”

2/18/19 Inside Higher Ed: “Closing Arguments in the Harvard Case”

2/15/19 The American Prospect: “Affirmative Action Isn’t a Binary Choice for Harvard’s Asian Americans”

2/14/19 Bloomberg: “Harvard Judge Wants to Know Where the Asian-American Victims Are”

2/11/19 NBC News: “‘I can’t find any peace here’: Raised in the U.S. and deported to Cambodia, refugees struggle to build a new life”

2/3/19 New York Post: “The ugly truth about de Blasio’s ‘equity’ agenda”

2/2/19 Washington Post: “‘I am who I am’: Kamala Harris, daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, defines herself simply as ‘American’”

2/2/19 Big Island Now: “The Aloha Launch: Rep. Gabbard Kicks Off 2020 Presidential Campaign”

2/2/19 The Stanford Review: “Failed and Racist: Why Stanford Should Ditch Affirmative Action”

2/2/19 HuffPost Life: “I’m An Asian Woman Engaged To A White Man And, Honestly, I’m Struggling With That”

2/1/19 Commentary: “De Blasio’s Plan Would Destroy Asian-American Admissions”

De Blasio’s Plan Would Destroy Asian-American Admissions

2/1/19 ABC 7 NY: “Suspect in deadly Brooklyn hammer attack faces hate crime charges”

2/1/19 Ozy: “The Rise of the American-Asian ‘Repat'”

1/31/19 New York Post: “Asian kids in specialized high schools would plummet under proposed admissions changes”

1/28/19 Daily Business Review: “Greenspoon Marder Faces Bias Lawsuit From Fired Korean-American Shareholder”

1/25/19 New York CBS: “Local Leaders Rally Around Asian-American Community After Brooklyn Hammer Attack”
Local Leaders Rally Around Asian-American Community After Brooklyn Hammer Attack

1/24/19 The Gothamist: “Third Victim In Brooklyn Hammer Attack Dies, Rally Planned In Support Of Asian-American Community”

1/20/19 ABC7 News: “Suspect arrested in beating of 88-year-old woman in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley”

1/18/19 The News & Observer: “UNC defends itself after lawsuit claims admissions process unfairly uses race”

1/11/19 NBC News: “Awaiting ruling, Asian-American groups file opposing briefs in Harvard affirmative action case”

1/9/19 WGBH: “Asian-American Group Expands Support For Lawsuit Against Harvard”

1/7/19 NBC News: “How this group helps Asian Americans go from city council to Congress”




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