Presidential Election

Election 2020

Joe Biden (D)
Former Vice-President
Biden on Asian American Issues

Donald Trump (R)

Real estate developer
Trump on Asian American Issues


Tulsi Gabbard (D)
U.S. Representative – Hawaii

Kamala Harris (D)
U.S. Senator – California

Patrick J. Bumatay is an openly gay Filipino-American.  President Trump nominated him to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit but his appointment was opposed by California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris.

Bernie Sanders (D)
U.S. Senator – Vermont
Sanders on Asian American Issues

Andrew Yang (D)
entrepreneur, attorney

2/13/20 NPR: “How Yang’s Presidential Bid May Affect Asian-American Voters”

2/11/20 Washington Examiner: “Why I’ll miss Andrew Yang”

12/21/19 New York Post: “Why identity politics and minority candidates aren’t winning over Dem voters”
And what about Yang, the candidate who, in a last-minute save, helped the Dems escape a dreaded optics of white supremacy at the Democratic debate? Ironically, the political establishment has been hellbent on ignoring Yang’s impressive candidacy even though he is nonwhite.
MSNBC and CNN have “forgotten” to include the Taiwanese American in graphics and polls on several occasions, even as he was polling better than other minority candidates who producers were able to remember. Other outlets got his name wrong, an error that would have given competitor networks chyron material for days if he were a black or Latino or female candidate.
Does anyone doubt that Yang’s invisibility is because he is Asian, an uncomfortably ambiguous status within the metaphysics of identity politics? Because Asians, particularly the Taiwanese, have been immensely successful in America, they cloud any simple narrative of crushing white power and racism.

11/29/19 AsAmNews: “AAPI community groups want equitable coverage of Andrew Yang”

11/24/19 Forbes: “Why Andrew Yang’s Democratic Debate Closing Statement Was A Mic Drop Performance”

11/23/19 Fox News “Andrew Yang won’t return to MSNBC until they apologize ‘on-air’ to his campaign”

11/11/19 NBC News: “Asian Americans favor Biden, Warren while Yang lags behind, survey finds”

10/13/19 Voice of America: “First Asian American Presidential Candidate Scrutinized by Asian Americans”

10/13/19 Reuters: “Entrepreneur Andrew Yang’s quixotic U.S. presidential campaign gets serious”

10/9/19 New Yorker: Andrew Yang and the Political Narratives of Asian-Americans”

10/7/19 Los Angeles Times: “Andrew Yang faces his critics in the Asian American community”

10/4/19 Yahoo Finance: “Andrew Yang’s 257% fundraising surge blows away all other Democratic candidates”

9/19/19 Politico: “Yang dishes on why Trump won, Asian jokes and how he’ll ‘shock the world'”

9/18/19 Politico: “Andrew Yang: No apologies for the Asian jokes”

9/16/19 Washington Post: “Good at math? Work hard? Some Asian Americans bristle at Andrew Yang’s use of stereotypes”

8/22/19 Politico: “The Surprising Surge of Andrew Yang”

8/20/19 NPR: “‘We Have To Turn The Clock Forward’: Andrew Yang On Accelerating Economy And Society”

8/8/19 Breitbart: “Andrew Yang Overtakes Beto with Two Percent Rating in Major Poll”

8/1/19 Yahoo Finance: “Andrew Yang says ‘immigrants are being scapegoated’ — and a new study backs that up”

8/1/19 CNN: “Williamson and Yang play the authenticity card, and Democrats love it”

7/31/19 The Hill: “Yang calls out ‘reality TV show’ style elections that resulted in Trump: ‘We need to be laser-focused'”

6/21/19 NBC News: “Some Asian Americans are excited about Andrew Yang. Others? Not so much”

3/28/19 Huffington Post: “Andrew Yang Talks Identity On The Campaign Trail, Growing Up Asian-American”



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