Stop Being a Sap

Prevent hate crimes by using firearms.  Liberals want to deter hate crimes by enacting hate crime legislation.  Conservatives respond that if Vincent Chin had had a gun, he would be alive today.  A pragmatist wants both hate crime laws and guns.  Liberals call the Los Angeles riots a “civil disturbance”.  Conservatives say that the Korean-American victims of the riots needed more shotguns.  (The Untouchables: “He pulls a knife on you, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way.”)

Support tax reform.  Hong Kong has a flat income tax and its per capita income is higher than that of Great Britain.  With Anglo-Saxon law, education and capitalism, Hong Kong has more Chinese millionaires per capita than any other country.

Support school vouchers.
Bigots for the Left discriminate against Asian American students.  See Lafayette High School and South Philadelphia High School.  If they had school vouchers, Asian American students could escape from the Bigots for the Left.
Support www.studentsfirst.org founded by Michelle Rhee.
Support Asian American charter schools.
The public schools increase taxes and shovel more money into a rat hole to pay for bloated overhead and teachers’ unions while test scores decline.
Only fools or the poor attend public schools in New York City or Washington, D.C.  The Dallas school district commits criminal malfeasance, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.
School choice already exists: parents who can afford it send their kids to private schools or move to better school districts.  If school vouchers were available, Asian- American students could transfer to better schools.  However, teachers’ unions are holding poor students hostage.  See “Waiting for Superman”.
Because desegregation plans committed reverse discrimination against Asian- Americans students, their parents filed successful lawsuits in San Francisco and Houston.  If school vouchers were available, Asian- American students could transfer to better schools.
Gore was the only presidential candidate in 2000 who opposed school vouchers.  He grew up in D.C.  Neither he nor his children attended D.C.’s public schools.  Neither the Clintons nor the Obamas sent their children to D.C.’s public schools.

Stop contributing to the Democratic and Republican National Committees.

Democrats treat Asian-Americans as the “Expendable Minority”: President Roosevelt and Governor Earl Warren of California interned Japanese-Americans.  President Reagan signed the redress bill for Japanese-American internees, and President George H. Bush signed the appropriations bill funding the redress.

The Clinton Administration used racial profiling to mistreat Asian- American contributors to the Democratic National Committee.  The ungrateful DNC hired accounting firm Ernst and Young to question donors with Asian names about their citizenship and business dealings abroad.  See Hall of Shame: Steven Grossman

The Clinton Administration jailed and shackled Wen Ho Lee as a scapegoat to deflect political criticism from Republicans.  See Hall of Shame: Wen Ho Lee Debacle.  During the George W. Bush Administration, Katrina Leung was arrested for allegedly spying for China.  Unlike Dr. Lee, Ms. Leung was not chained or shackled or held in solitary confinement, and FBI agents did not perjure themselves to deny her bail.  The Clinton Administration appointed an Asian-American as U.S. Attorney in New Mexico only after racial discrimination against Dr. Lee became obvious.  The Bush Administration appointed an Asian-American as U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles before Ms. Leung was arrested.

The Republican National Committee ignores Asian-Americans and supports candidates who take positions adverse to Asian- Americans.

President George W. Bush appointed two Asian-Americans to his cabinet, twice as many as all the previous Democratic administrations combined.

Candidates who support Asian-Americans, see candidates listed in key contests and Asian-American candidates.

Eliminate affirmative action in university admissions.   When affirmative action at universities was banned in California, Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida, the number of Asian Pacific American students admitted to universities in those states increased by 20-40%.  See Statistics on Reverse Discrimination against Asian-Americans.  
    The webmaster favors affirmative action based on economic status: a poor kid who has the same qualifications as a richer kid should receive a preference in university admissions.
  There is no reason wealthy minorities, e.g. Michael Jordan’s children, should benefit from affirmative action based on race.

Stop reverse discrimination against Asian-Americans.  Many affirmative action programs, particularly those of government agencies, use groups’ percentage of the population as the goal.  They thus try to hire and promote until 51% of the workforce or the contractors are women, 13% are African- American, etc. even though Asian-Americans comprise 15% of the graduates of the most selective colleges.  See Colleges.  This practice results in reverse discrimination against Asian-Americans.
    District attorneys offices are engaging in reverse discrimination against Asian-Americans.  10.2% of law school graduates are Asian-American (see Law Schools)
According to t
he Bigots for the Left in Hollywood, Asian American men do not exist.  See Hall of Shame: TV Medical Shows.  Annoy a Bigot for the Left today, contribute to Media Action Network for Asian Americans.

Contribute to non-profits which do not discriminate against Asian Americans

See Colleges for statistics on number of Asian American students.  Is your alma mater below average in the number of Asian American students?  If so, stop donating.  Stop paying Bigots for the Left to discriminate against Asian Americans.  Does your alma mater have any Asian Americans in management positions?  If not, stop donating.  Stop paying Bigots for the Left to discriminate against Asian Americans.  The presidents of Dartmouth, Butler and the University of Maryland are Asian American.  Donate to schools which do not discriminate against Asian Americans. 

Support family values.
Contribute to:

National Right To Life Committee
419 Seventh St., NW, Suite 500
Washington, D.C.  20077-1470
(202) 626-8800

American Coalition for Fathers and Children



8 thoughts on “Stop Being a Sap

  1. First of all, let me self-identify as a male of European extraction (Polish and Italian) with libertarian politics. That’s so you know ‘where i’m coming from’. I do tend to vote Republican, and so forward to the point…

    I looked over your ‘Stop Being a Sap’ page and I checksed off the points one by one, to wit:

    ‘Prevent hate crimes by using firearms’ – it’s the Republicans who defend the Second Amendment.

    ‘Support tax reform’ – The Republicans always desire toi cut taxes; I haven’t heard of a Democrat who ever met a tax he (or she) didn’t like.

    Support school vouchers – School vouchers have long been a Republican platform plank.

    I will ask what positions the Republicans take that are ‘adverse to Asian-Americans’? Making English the official language, perhaps? Small potatoes, don’t you think? In any land you live in, yoiu really ought to make an effort to learn the ‘native language’.

    In that section, I saw four out of five points favoring Republcans.

    The Republicans oppose Affirmative Action. I don’t know about other Republicans, but I believe in Fair Competition. The trick is to keep the competiton fair.

    I think that covers all of the points.

    Posted by Joseph A. Kwiatkowski | June 27, 2015, 8:08 am
    • Dear Mr. Kwiatkowski,

      Yes, some commentators also wonder why Jews vote Democratic.

      Some Asian Americans complained Republican senators blocked or took no action regarding the nominations of Asian Americans as judges.

      Don W. Joe

      Posted by donwjoe | June 27, 2015, 8:12 am
  2. I re-read the ‘Stop Being a Sap’ section and my comments, and Mr. Joe’s reply, from long ago. I might throw in a little gallows humor, if you can call it that, regarding the school vouchers issue, to wit: Q: Where does all the tax money go, which is supposed to run the schools? A: Down the toilet!

    Posted by Joe Kwiatkowski | August 31, 2018, 12:00 pm
  3. Dear Mr. Kwiatkowski,

    Well, they do make funny videos of students who cannot answer simple questions.

    – Don W. Joe

    Posted by donwjoe | August 31, 2018, 8:12 pm
  4. I was wondering why stories about race relations in the United States tend to focus on relations between Whites and Blacks )primarily) and Whites and Hispanics (to a much lesser extent). I notice above that you denounce the Democrats for treating Asians and Asian-Americans as an ‘expendable minority’. President Trump and his rhetoric aside, am I to believe that Asian-Americans are content with their lot in these United States?
    I’m especially interested in the relationships between Asian-Americans and their local police. If cops are racist, how come we don’t here more about Asian-Americans being hassled by police, the way we hear about cops hassling Blacks (and sometimes shooting them dead)? Why is it that all of the stories about ‘racist’ cops involve relations between police and Blacks?

    Posted by Joe Kwiatkowski | August 7, 2019, 8:47 pm
    • Like most people, more Asians want to move to America rather than move out of America to Asian countries, which implies they like living in the U.S. of A. Regarding relations with police, your guess is as good as mine.

      Posted by donwjoe | August 8, 2019, 8:54 pm
  5. How do you like that court ruling in the Harvard Admissions case? Apparently being the smartest kid doesn’t cut it any more, not when libs are in charge….

    Posted by Joe Kwiatkowski | October 6, 2019, 7:53 am
  6. Pretty dumb. Racial classifications are supposed to to be subject to “strict scrutiny”. Because racial classifications have been used to discriminate against blacks for hundreds of years, they should be used only as a last resort. Harvard should use race-neutral criteria or explain why it was not possible to use them. Harvard could have used low income/low net worth, rather than race, to select a more diverse student body. Harvard also argues the number of qualified students vastly exceed the number of slots they have. If so, they could have a lottery (random selection) from the qualified students to obtain a diverse student body.

    You can help appeal the stupid decision. Make a tax deductible donation at https://studentsforfairadmissions.org/ or https://www.projectonfairrepresentation.org/ .

    Posted by donwjoe | October 6, 2019, 8:03 am

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