Hate Crimes

GoFundMe: Armed Patrol Security Guards for Oakland Chinatown

Liberal district attorneys are releasing repeat violent criminals rather than locking them up
5/30/21 National Review: “Criminal-Justice Reformers Have a Murder Problem”

4/8/22 Gotham by Susan Dyer Reynolds: ” How [San Francisco District Attorney] Chesa Boudin’s idea of justice reform led to the death of Kelvin Chew”

7/13/21 ABC7 News: “55% of alleged criminals released in San Francisco reoffended before trial, report says”

5/18/21 College Fix: “University hate crime report leaves out that 90 percent of NYC arrestees are black or Latino”

2/20/23 CNN: “Meet the new face of gun owners in the US: Asian Americans”

Some assaults may not be hate crimes: Crimes against Asian Americans


5/18/23 NextShark: “Texas mall shooter’s diary was riddled with anti-Asian rhetoric”

3/7/23 Jackson Heights Post: “Two suspects arrested on hate crime charges for anti-Asian attack in Corona: NYPD”

3/6/23 ABC7: “Asian woman speaks out after she and her son physically, verbally attacked in Queens”
gofundme: “Help Cici & her Son Recover from a Racial Attack”

Leftist Alvin Bragg refuses to conduct trial of assailant charged with manslaughter
Opinion: Than Htwe’s killer was convicted but justice was not served
12/5/22 The Village Sun
In a plea deal agreed to with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office last month, David Robinson was sentenced on Friday to one to three years in prison for the death of Than Htwe.
Htwe, 58, was exiting the Canal Street station subway on July 17, 2021, with her son for a day of shopping and a visit to a Buddhist temple in Chinatown, when Robinson grabbed the son’s backpack, causing mother and son to fall down a flight of stairs.
Htwe sustained severe head trauma in the fall. She eventually succumbed to her injuries. Meanwhile, Robinson evaded capture for several months.
Robinson was eventually arrested in September 2021 and charged with first-degree manslaughter. Citing difficulty in winning a conviction to Htwe’s family, the D.A.’s office allowed Robinson to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter with a sentence recommendation of one to three years.
Since Robinson has been incarerated since his arrest in September 2021, with 14 months’ time already served, he can technically be released tomorrow. Justice was not served here.
Chan is a Chinatown community activist and member of Community Board 3.

1/14/23 Associated Press: “University: Student stabbed on bus because she is Asian”

1/11/23 NextShark: “Repeat offender sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing Guiying Ma in NYC rock attack”

12/2/22 NBC News: “NYC subway rider beaten and called a racial slur for refusing to give up his seat, police say”

11/29/22 CBS New York: “Tammel Esco, convicted in savage attack on Filipina woman in Yonkers apartment building, sentenced to 17 1/2 years”

9/26/22 New York Magazine: “How to Hit Back The desperate, confused, righteous campaign to stop Asian hate”

8/9/22 The College Fix: “DA mulls charges against teens arrested for attack on Chinese UW-Madison student ”

8/9/22 Dallas Morning News: “Dallas hair salon shooting suspect indicted on 7 counts of aggravated assault for shooting at 3 Korean women”

8/3/22 NextShark: “NYC career criminal arrested, charged with hate crime for slashing Asian woman”

7/11/22 Seattle Times: “Man suspected of hate crime for allegedly threatening to kill U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal ”

6/28/22 NextShark: “‘Duck Sauce Killer’ suspect wins some freedom after posting $500,000 bail”

6/27/22 NextShark: “Filipino family attacked at North Hollywood fast food drive-thru seeks extraction order on assailant”

6/24/22 NextShark: “AAPI business owners in Portland call for action from police over string of break-ins and vandalisms”

6/18/22 CNN “Woman accused of hate crimes after allegedly attacking 4 people with pepper-spray and making anti-Asian remarks in NYC”

6/17/22 NextShark: “‘Tonight, it’s my turn’: Chinese PhD student attacked by 5 men near University of Wisconsin-Madison”

5/17/22 Dallas Morning News: “Suspect [black male] in Korean salon attack was having delusions about Asian people, girlfriend says”

5/13/22 Dallas Morning News: “Shooting at northwest Dallas salon may have been a hate crime, police chief says”

5/12/22 NBC News: “Man (Spanish surname) arrested on bias charges in disruption of ‘Stop Asian Hate’ rally near Los Angeles”

5/12/22 NBC News: “Police search for gunman (black male) who shot three Korean women at Texas hair salon”

5/2/22 NY Daily News: “Queens customer angry over duck sauce sought in fatal shooting of Forest Hills Chinese food deliveryman”

4/28/22 ABC 7 News: “SF burglary victim frustrated after 27 Asian American families targeted in crime spree”

4/28/22 NBC News “Man charged with hate crime after hitting Asian American woman with pool cue”

4/26/22 CBC News: “B.C. teen beaten unconscious feared return to school but says friends and counsellors helped”

4/15/22 The Hill: “Teen charged with hate crime in attack on Sikh man”

4/5/22 Asian Dawn: “Another Asian Female Teen Student Attacked in Philly Train”

4/3/22 ABC7NY: “70-year-old Sikh man attacked on early morning walk in Queens”

3/16/22 NextShark: “Repeat offender charged with hate crimes for punching NY elderly Asian woman over 125 times in the face”

11/28/21 ABC7NY: “GoFundMe started for Asian woman struck in head with rock in Queens”

11/5/21 Next Shark: “NYPD looking for knife-wielding man who attacked, sprayed unknown substance at men for speaking Cantonese”

11/5/21 Next Shark: “Canadian man gets suspended sentence, probation for attacking Asian teen last year”

10/28/21 NextShark: “Suspect arrested after assaulting elderly Asian woman, stabbing a good samaritan in SF”

10/4/21 NextShark: “Oakland woman hailed as ‘our bus hero’ after she used her body to shield elderly Asian man from attacker”

10/1/21 Asian Dawn: “70-Year-Old Korean Man Viciously Attacked in K-Town”

9/28/21 Dallas Morning News: “Asian Americans in North Texas mobilize in fight against continued rise in hate incidents”

9/24/21 NextShark: “‘I can’t let him get away with this’: Asian woman punched in LA chases attacker on video”

9/6/21 NextShark: “Man threatens ‘Shang-Chi’ moviegoer, calls him ‘ch*nk’ and N-word after being asked to social distance”

8/30/21 CNN: “Hate crime reports in US surge to the highest level in 12 years, FBI says”

8/22/21 NextShark: “‘You’re going to die for bringing kung flu’: Man charged with assault, ethnic intimidation after alleged attack on Cincinnati student”

8/21/21 NextShark: “‘F***ing Asians, go back to China!’: Man wanted for punching elderly woman, throwing Chinese food at her husband in NYC”

8/21/21 NextShark: “Asian American woman sues elderly neighbor for racial harassment, indecent exposure to her and her son”

8/21/21 NextShark: “12 charged for burglaries worth $2.1 million on Asian American victims in Georgia”

8/19/21 NextShark: “‘F***ing Asians, go back to China!’: Man wanted for punching elderly woman, throwing Chinese food at her husband in NYC”

8/19/21 Daily Beast: “Neighbor Already Charged With Hate Crime Tries to Run Over Victim’s Husband, Cops Say”

8/19/21 Asian Dawn: “Woman Arrested for Stabbing Asian Man to Death in Kansas”

8/18/21 NextShark: “Couple violently attacks Indigenous Filipina nurse distributing face masks in New York subway”

8/18/21 NextShark: “Asian American woman sues elderly neighbor for racial harassment, indecent exposure to her and her son”

8/17/21 NextShark: “SF man charged with 31 hate crimes over vandalism, burglary of 20 Chinese-owned businesses”

8/6/21 NextShark: “Yeonmi Park says she was robbed by three women, bystanders stopped her from calling police”

8/6/21 NextShark: “‘F*ck you, Chinese!’: Elderly man berated with anti-Asian statements inside a bus in NYC”

8/3/21 Columbus Dispatch: “Why aren’t Asian Americans in Ohio reporting hate incidents amid a national surge? The answer is complicated”

7/28/21 NextShark: “NYC woman charged with multiple anti-Asian hate crimes held without bail”

7/19/21 NextShark: “Florida pizza-eating racists hurl anti-Asian slurs at ramen restaurant after being asked to leave”

7/17/21 NextShark: “Utah man wanted for threatening, yelling racial slurs at Asian store employee”

7/17/21 AsAmNews: “Oklahoma’s Asian Americans face attacks despite hate crime bill”

7/14/21 NextShark: “Woman accused of punching 6-year-old Asian boy in Las Vegas charged with hate crime”

7/6/21 NextShark: “Elderly Asian Woman Found Headless in the UK May Have Been Killed Due to Her Race, Group Says”

7/6/21 NextShark: “Three Asian Students Brutally Attacked by ‘Gang’ of Teens in Australia”

6/27/21 NextShark: “Woman Caught on Camera Spewing Racist Insults at Asian Uber Driver in North Carolina”

6/23/21 Northwest Observer: “Japanese Concerned For Their Safety in Oregon”

6/10/21 NextShark: “Florida Man Faces 30 Years for Vandalizing Asian American Family’s Vehicles, Sending Threatening Messages as Squirrel”

6/1/21 Huffington Post: “Video Shows Man Punching Asian Woman Unprovoked In New York Chinatown”

6/1/21 NextShark: “Man Who ‘Specializes in Killing Asian People’ Arrested After Assaulting Asian Cop in SF”

5/24/21 New York Daily News: “Asian man shoved onto Queens subway tracks nearly hit by train — cops suspect possible hate crime”

5/22/21 Gateway Pundit: “Colorado Professor Claims That ‘White Supremacy’ is Causing Black People to Attack Asians”

5/18/21 College Fix: “University hate crime report leaves out that 90 percent of NYC arrestees are black or Latino”

5/14/21 NextShark: “Man Arrested While Still Sexually Assaulting Elderly Asian Woman in Fremont”

5/10/21 NextShark: “Man Accused of Assaulting Sushi Restaurant Owner After Trying to Skip $70 Bill in Virginia”

5/7/21 Fox News: “San Francisco double stabbing suspect had been granted early release through diversion program: report”

5/6/21 KPIX: “Source: Man Arrested For Stabbing 2 Asian Woman in San Francisco Has Lengthy Arrest History”

5/6/21 USA Today: “A historic surge’: Anti-Asian American hate incidents continue to skyrocket despite public awareness campaign”

5/5/21 KPIX: “Asian American Attacks: Victim’s Grandson Speaks Out; Suspect Arrested After 2 Women Stabbed In San Francisco”

5/5/21 Fox News: “2 Asian women stabbed on San Francisco street, suspect arrested, police say”

5/4/21 Breitbart: “VIDEO: Suspect Allegedly Attacks Two Asian Women in NYC with Hammer”

4/20/21 Yahoo Sports: “Olympian Sakura Kokumai’s harasser arrested after attacking elderly Korean couple”

4/11/21 Asian Dawn: “Asian Man Fights Off Mugger in Oakland”

4/10/21 New York Post: “Unhinged stranger twice tries to shove Asian woman onto NYC subway tracks: sources”

4/9/21 New York Post: “Alleged bigot busted after spewing anti-Asian threats at undercover NYPD cop”

4/9/21 Yahoo Sports: “US Olympian Sakura Kokumai describes racist attack while training at park’

4/8/21 New York Post: “Suspect charged with hate crime for attacking Asian man in subway station”

4/8/21 New York Post: “Video shows suspect who allegedly threatened to cut Asian man at Home Depot”

4/5/21 Dallas Morning News: “Garland Vietnamese restaurant and nearby community center vandalized; police investigating video footage”

4/5/21 ABC7 News: “EXCLUSIVE: Neighbor’s racist rant against Chinese family caught on camera in San Jose”

4/3/21 Associated Press: “Police: Man with pole trashes Asian-owned convenience store”

3/30/21 NBC News: “Video shows Asian woman, 65, violently attacked as witnesses look on in NYC”

3/30/21 NPR: “Attack On Asian Woman In Manhattan, As Bystanders Watched, To Be Probed As Hate Crime”

3/30/21 Associated Press: “Suspect in attack on Asian American woman in NYC is arrested”

3/29/21 New York Post: “Asian woman brutally beaten in suspected hate crime as security guard does nothing to help”

3/29/21 New York Post: “Video captures horrific, possible hate-fueled NYC subway beatdown”

3/28/21 Law Enforcement Today: “Watch: Korean beauty supply store owner brutally attacked inside store by two women screaming racial slurs”

3/28/21 The Post Millenial: “EXCLUSIVE: Seattle social-justice activist charged over anti-Asian hate attacks”

3/23/21 Yahoo News: “After raising over $900K, elderly Asian woman attacked in San Francisco plans to donate money to ‘combat racism'”

3/19/21 Yahoo News: “Elderly Asian woman who fought back attacker surprised with US$660,000: ‘Please know your family is supported'”

3/18/21 ABC7: “San Francisco police arrest suspect in assault on 75-year-old Asian-American woman who fought back”

3/18/21 USA Today: “‘You bum, why did you hit me?’ 75-year-old Asian American woman beats attacker with stick in San Francisco”

3/18/21 NextShark: “Elderly Asian Woman Fights Back After Man Punches Her in the Face in SF”

3/18/21 USA Today: “I’m ‘afraid to leave my house’: Asian women are living in fear”

3/18/21 Yahoo Entertainment: “Actor Daniel Dae Kim claims a man ran into his sister with a car because she is Asian”

3/17/21 KPIX5 CBS SF: “Witnesses: Elderly Asian Woman Beats Up Man Attacking Her In San Francisco”

3/17/21 KPIX5 CBS SF: “UPDATE: SF Police Link Suspect In Attack That Almost Blinded Asian Man To Brutal Mission District Stabbing”

3/17/21 Dallas Morning News: “In wake of Atlanta slayings, Asian Americans in Texas speak out on rising violence, racism”

3/15/21 Gothamist: “Being Asian: Four New Yorkers Reflect On What It Means To Be Asian In The City Now”

3/16/21 NextShark: “Man Hits Asian Woman With Hard Object in Latest Unprovoked Attack in NYC”

3/11/21 Spectator: “Stop the white lies about anti-Asian hate crime”

3/10/21 Asian Dawn: “Oakland Suspect Who Put Asian Elder on Life Support Was Out on Probation”

3/8/21 NextShark: “Woman Faces Possible Hate Crimes After Using Racial Slurs, Spitting on Asians in Mountain View”

3/5/21 NBC News: “Asians were thought to be the ‘model minority.’ Then came ‘receipt culture.'”

3/4/21 CNN: “The history of attacks against Asian Americans is complicated. Addressing it will be, too”

3/4/21 NextShark: “High School Teacher’s Nose and Teeth Damaged After Being Attacked With a ‘Rock’ in Seattle Chinatown”

3/3/21 Pasadena Star-News: “Family of slain Arcadia senior stunned that suspect could avoid life sentence”

3/2/21 ABC7 News: “Family outraged over SF DA’s description of 84-year-old Asian man’s suspected killer”

2/25/21 KTLA5: “Koreatown attack against 27-year-old Asian American Air Force veteran being investigated as hate crime”

2/25/21 Washington Post: “‘Nobody came, nobody helped’: Fears of anti-Asian violence rattle the community”

2/25/21 NBC News: “Violence against Asian Americans and why ‘hate crime’ should be used carefully”

2/18/21 NextShark: “Man Who Shoved Elderly Asian Woman RELEASED By Police Without Bail, ‘Under Supervision'”

2/17/21 Associated Press: “Olivia Munn says Asian woman, friend’s mom, hurt in shoving”

2/16/21 AsAmNews: “Woman beaten on Dallas train over cell phone

2/12/21 KQED: “700 Anti-Asian Hate Incidents Reported in Bay Area During Pandemic – True Figures Might Be Even Worse”

[in Texas, the defendant would have been tried and sentenced after the first arrest.  In California, he has assaulted 10 people and is still roaming the streets]
2/12/21 The Oaklandside: “Crime, race, safety: what’s really happening in Oakland Chinatown?”

2/12/21 USA Today: “‘Stop killing us’: Asian Americans decry spike in violent attacks amid pandemic”

2/11/21 NextShark: “Elderly Chinese Couple Beaten, Wife Dies of Injuries in Random Attack in Pasadena”

2/11/21 NPR: “New Surge Of Violent Attacks Against Asian Americans In Bay Area”

2/10/21 Vox: “A wave of violent attacks renews focus on anti-Asian racism”

2/9/21 ABC 7 News: “Suspect arrested in attack on 91-year-old in Oakland’s Chinatown, police say”

2/8/21 Huffington Post: “Celebs Call Out Rise In Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Amid Pandemic”

2/5/21 New York Daily News: “‘I was so afraid of dying’: Man slashed across face on Manhattan-bound L train recounts terrifying encounter”

2/4/21 ABC 7 News: “Shocking video shows 91-year-old man senselessly pushed to ground in Oakland’s Chinatown”

2/4/21 KPIX CBS SF: “Suspect In Brutal Assault That Killed Elderly San Francisco Man Pleads Not Guilty”

2/4/21 KTVU: “Asian community feels targeted by crime ahead of Lunar New Year celebrations”

2/4/21 New York Daily News: “Man slashed in face with box cutter during quarrel with stranger on Manhattan subway train over kicked bag”

2/2/21 KPIX CBS SF: “Oakland Police Warn Of Increased Chinatown Crime; Incidents Against Asian Americans Increasing”

2/1/21 KTVU: “Family of 84-year-old killed in SF believe attack was racially motivated”

10/10/20 CBS New York: “Japanese Jazz Pianist Tadataka Unno Badly Injured After Attack In Subway”

9/3/20 NextShark: “Attacks on Asian Americans Continue to RISE With Over 2,500 Reports in 2020”

8/12/20 New York Post: “Man launches racist tirade against Asian woman on subway”

7/31/20 Kendawg.com: “This is what Black on Asian crime looks like”

7/25/20 Daily Beast: “Louisiana Teens Left Body of Missing Arizona State University Professor in a Dumpster: Police”

7/21/20 Yahoo News: “Calgary man charged after spitting on woman, using racial slur”

7/7/20 KPIX: “‘My Behavior In The Video Is Appalling’; Tech CEO Michael Lofthouse Captured In Video Berating Asian Family”

7/6/20 KION: “Video of man saying racist remarks against Asian family sparks public outrage”

7/2/20 Good Morning America: “Advocates demand action after coronavirus spurs 2,000 reports of anti-Asian bias”

6/12/20 Los Angeles Times: “Torrance police identify woman who went on anti-Asian racist tirades”

6/12/20 KABC: “Torrance Tirade: Police ID woman in anti-Asian rant as Long Beach resident”

6/12/20 Huffington Post: “California Woman Goes On Racist Rant Against Woman Exercising In Park’

6/7/20 Medium: “San Francisco Chinatown traumatized after looting, struggles to recover”

5/27/20 BBC: “Coronavirus: What attacks on Asians reveal about American identity”

5/18/20 Asian Dawn: “Black-on-Asian Crime Statistics By Justice Department”

5/6/20 Asian Dawn: “Three Juveniles Arrested For Kicking Asian-American Woman in the Face”

4/30/20 New York Daily News: “SEE IT: Unhinged straphanger pummels bystander on Harlem subway train”

4/23/20 NextShark: “Instagrammer Reveals Why He Called Out Bully Harassing Asian in SF”

4/11/20 Connecticut Post: “Seymour rallies behind Asian-American restaurant owners after coronavirus-motivated threats”

4/11/20 Ashville Citizen Times: “Coronavirus: Anti-Asian “Zoombombing” of Asheville Chef highlights troubling trends”

4/11/20 CNN: “Covid-19 has inflamed racism against Asian-Americans. Here’s how to fight back”

4/10/20 New York Times: “The Slur I Never Expected to Hear in 2020”

4/10/20 KCRA Sacramento: “California study tracks hate crimes against Asian Americans amid COVID-19 outbreak”

4/10/20 NBC News: “Senate Democrats call for federal action on anti-Asian coronavirus racism”

4/10/20 NBC News: “Smashed windows and racist graffiti: Vandals target Asian Americans amid coronavirus”

4/10/20 New York Times: “I Became a Person of Suspicion”

4/8/20 Sacramento Bee: “Some Asian Americans become first-time gun owners for protection amid the coronavirus”

4/7/20 AsAm News: “Acid attack on Brooklyn woman in apparent coronavirus hate crime. NY Mayor DeBlasio calls rise in racist atacks on Asians a “crisis.””

4/7/20 ABC7NY: “Coronavirus News: Anti-Asian bias crimes increasing in NYC amid COVID-19 pandemic”

4/7/20 Palo Alto Online: “Supervisors denounce xenophobia as Asian American groups report more harassment”

4/7/20 City Lab San Francisco: “What Bigotry Looks Like During Social Distancing”

4/6/20 KRQE Albuquerque: “Asian American community speaking out against racism during coronavirus pandemic”

4/6/20 CNN: “Teens charged with hate crimes for attacking a woman on a bus and saying she caused coronavirus, NYPD says”

4/6/20 San Jose Spotlight: “South Bay Asian Americans report attacks, harassment amid coronavirus pandemic”

4/6/20 HuffPost: “Woman Targeted In ‘Anti-Asian’ Attack On Bus, Accused Of Creating Coronavirus: NYPD”

4/2/20 The Hill: “Report highlights emerging trends of Asian American discrimination amid coronavirus pandemic”

4/1/20 WDJT Milwaukee: “Asian Americans victims of xenophobic attacks because of COVID-19”

3/31/20 Dallas Morning News: “FBI says Texas stabbing that targeted Asian-American family was hate crime fueled by coronavirus fears”

3/31/20 Yakima, WA Herald: “Yakima restaurant vandalized, spray-painted with racist slur”

3/31/20 WBEZ (NPR): “Asian Americans In Chicago Feel The Bite Of Prejudice During The Spread Of The Coronavirus”

3/30/20 Channel 3000 (Sun Prairie, Wis): “Discrimination against Asian Americans: City council candidate experiences racism on social media”

3/28/20 USA Today: “‘They look at me and think I’m some kind of virus’: What it’s like to be Asian during the coronavirus pandemic”

3/28/20 Mineapolis Star Tribune: “Asian-Americans in Minnesota face insults, hostility during virus outbreak”

3/28/20 Newsday: “Long Island’s Asian Americans facing discrimination amid coronavirus crisis”

3/27/20 CBS News: “Asian Americans speak out after rise in hate crimes during coronavirus: “We are all human. We are all one.””

3/27/20 NPR: “Asian Americans Are Blamed By Some For COVID-19 Outbreak”

3/27/20 ABC News: “FBI warns of potential surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans amid coronavirus”

3/27/20 Chicago Sun Times: “Police seek suspects in Naperville jogger attack”

3/26/20 NBC News: “Asian Americans report over 650 racist acts over last week, new data says”

3/26/20 LAist: “Online Tool Tracks Racist Incidents Toward Asian Americans During COVID-19 Crisis”

3/25/20: WLRN Miami (NPR): “The Coronavirus Crisis Is Sparking Harassment Of Asian Americans”

3/25/20 Vox: ““They just see that you’re Asian and you are horrible”: How the pandemic is triggering racist attacks”

3/25/20 The Hill: “New York AG launches hotline to report coronavirus hate crimes, xenophobia against Asian Americans”

3/24/20 The Detroit News: “Asian Americans endure an outbreak of bigotry: ‘It’s something we cannot control'”

3/23/20 New York Times: “Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese Americans Fear For Their Safety”

3/23/20 MSNBC: “Trump commits to protecting Asian Americans against racist attacks amid coronavirus pandemic”

3/22/20 NY Daily News: “Asian man waiting for NYC subway spit on, threatened in coronavirus hate crime”

3/22/20 NY Daily News: “Coronavirus-inspired crook robs Asian woman of cellphone while spewing hate”

3/20/20 NBC News: “Nonprofits launch site for Asian Americans to report coronavirus-related racism”

3/19/20 San Francisco Chronicle: “Coronavirus: Asian American groups compile hate crime reports as Trump persists in ‘Chinese virus’ attacks”

3/19/20 NBC Bay Area: “Website Launches to Document Anti-Asian Hate Crimes in Wake of COVID-19 ”

3/19/20 NBC News: “Politicians, journalists, celebrities call out racist remarks against Asians”

3/19/20 Fresno Bee: “‘We shouldn’t have to live in fear.’ Fresno’s Asian-Americans face more than coronavirus”

3/18/20 CBC News: “Montreal’s Korean consulate issues safety warning after man stabbed”

3/17/20 The New Yorker: “The Rise of Coronavirus Hate Crimes”

3/17/20 NY Daily News: “‘This is why there’s coronavirus!’: Asian woman spat on, assaulted in Manhattan hate crime”

3/17/20 NY Daily News: “Asian woman assaulted in Manhattan, blamed for coronavirus: cops”

3/16/20 CBS News: “NYPD makes two hate crime arrests for attacks against Asian-Americans amid coronavirus pandemic”

3/16/20 CBS7: “FIRST ON CBS7: Suspect admits he tried to kill family at Midland Sam’s Club”

3/14/20 ABC7NY: “13-year-old arrested in Manhattan coronavirus hate crime assault”

3/13/20 Gothamist: “Asian Man Says NYC Cops Didn’t Care He Was Spat On In Coronavirus-Related Incident”

3/10/20 QNS: “Queens lawmakers call for solidarity as attacks increase against Asian Americans amid the coronavirus outbreak”

3/9/20 Fox 26 News: “Vandal tags Fresno Asian-American family car with racist coronavirus related graffiti”

3/6/20 The Daily Beast: “Asian-Americans Terrified of Coronavirus Backlash Stock Up on Guns”

3/6/20 CBS News: “Coronavirus panic sparks racist incidents against Asian Americans”

3/5/20 New York Post: “Straphanger sprays Asian man with Febreze in possible hate crime ”

3/6/20 Metropolitan Police: “Two males arrested in Oxford Street assault investigation”

3/5/20 CNN: “London police seek four men after ‘racist’ coronavirus attack on East Asian student”

3/5/20 The Guardian: “Vietnamese curator dropped because of ‘coronavirus prejudice'”

3/3/20 SF Gate: “SF DA Chesa Boudin drops charges against one of two suspects in viral attack on Asian man”

3/2/20 SFist: “DA’s Office Will Not Be Charging 20-Year-Old Suspect Who Video’d Attack On Asian Man”

3/2/20 San Diego Union-Tribune: “Charges dropped in robbery of older Asian San Francisco man”

2/28/20 NBC News: “Asian American lawmakers urge Congress members to help stop coronavirus-fueled xenophobia”

2/17/20 Queens Chronicle: “Covid19-concerned cabbies deny Asian-American riders”

2/14/20 CBS News: “Bullies attack Asian American teen at school, accusing him of having coronavirus”

2/14/20 BBC: “Fake US coronavirus flyers smear Asian restaurants”

2/5/20 NBC News: “Coronavirus hate attack: Woman in face mask allegedly assaulted by man who calls her ‘diseased'”

11/13/19 NBCDFW.com: “3 Arrested, Suspected of Targeting Asian American Households”

8/15/19 Next Shark: “Two Men Face ‘Very Lengthy’ Jail Sentence for Targeting Asian-American Businesses”

2/1/19 ABC 7 NY: “Suspect in deadly Brooklyn hammer attack faces hate crime charges”

1/25/19 New York CBS: “Local Leaders Rally Around Asian-American Community After Brooklyn Hammer Attack”

1/24/19 The Gothamist: “Third Victim In Brooklyn Hammer Attack Dies, Rally Planned In Support Of Asian-American Community”

1/20/19 ABC7 News: “Suspect arrested in beating of 88-year-old woman in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley”

12/18/18 NextShark: “Asian Men Allegedly As‌sa‌ult‌e‌d by Racist Woman Yelling ‘Ignorant G‌oo‌ks’ in Philadelphia”

12/15/18 South China Morning Post: “Video shows ‘shocking racist assault on Asian-American in New York subway by white woman Anna Lushchinskaya’”

12/7/18 The Stranger: “Anti-Racist Protesters Harass Gay Asian-American Journalist”

11/14/18 NextShark: “Texas Man A‌r‌re‌s‌te‌‌d After Targeting Asian Women in Multiple Cri‌m‌e‌s”

11/14/18 press release: “Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) Response to 2017 FBI Hate Crime Report”
Contact: Thu Nguyen | Senior Communications Associate
tnguyen at ocanational.org | 202.223.5500
Washington, DC – OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates is alarmed by the increase in hate crimes as detailed in the 2017 FBI Hate Crimes Report that was released Tuesday morning.
The report shows a continued increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs.) Anti-Asian incidents increased sixteen percent for a total of 131 in 2017, and anti-Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander incidents increased fifty-six percent to 16 in 2017. However, due to systemic underreporting, the reality for AAPIs is not accurately represented by this data.
“Since OCA’s founding, we have fought tirelessly against anti-AAPI hate crimes,” said Sharon M. Wong, OCA National President. “Unfortunately, the bigotry and hatred did not start with the murder of Vincent Chin, and has not ended since then. Hate crimes are vastly underreported, whether that be due to the system or due to the fear that minority and marginalized communities have internalized. It is our job to be responsible in cultivating a more inclusive society, free from prejudice and fear. While law enforcement must improve their training to identify hate crimes against these communities and better respond to them, OCA will continue to work on the ground to foster a stronger society in which our community feels safer.”
Individuals can report incidents of hate at the OCA AAPI Hate Crimes Reporting Website, which can be found at aapihatecrimes.org.

8/7/18 Gothamist: “Police Looking For Guy Who Spray-Painted ‘Chinese C—s Stink Like Fish’ On Five Brooklyn Locations”

8/6/18 Fox5NY: “Anti-Asian slurs painted on walls in Brooklyn”

8/3/18 NextShark: “Police Now Looking for Man Who Shoved Asian American Onto Subway Tracks in NYC”

5/29/18 Next Shark: “Racist Driver Attacks Asian American Mom With Hate Speech in Front of Her Children”

5/24/18 Durham, NC Herald Sun: “5 suspects, including 3 teens, now charged with killing Chinese businessman Hong Zheng”

5/24/18 Huffington Post: “Woman Makes Racist Face At Asian-American Serviceman: ‘This Is Not Your F**king Country’; Video shows the woman making a slant-eye gesture and yelling “Chinese ugly” at the Korean-American reservist”

3/9/18 Vibe: “Professor Tells Asian-American Couple To “Go Back To Their Country””

2/7/18 Raw Story: “Ohio teens chant slurs at black and Asian players — until refs forced to call off basketball game”

1/31/18 NBC News: “Majority of Asian-American elders, families targeted by fraud and scams, survey finds”

1/30/18 Next Shark: “Asian American Woman Verbally Abused By Racist Man on Los Angeles Metro”

11/9/17 Sacramento News Review: “Pushing back: As violent robberies continue against Asian-Americans, police stress it’s safe to come forward”

11/2/17 Sacramento Bee: “Sacramento police arrest more than 50 in robberies targeting Asian Americans”

10/31/17 Resonate: “Three men arrested for spray-painting Asian American graves with racist slurs”

10/30/17 Sacramento Bee: “Robberies targeting Asians in south Sacramento are spiking again, police say”

9/2/17 NextShark: “Chinese Delivery Man Brutally Attacked by Teenagers, Immediately Goes Back to Work”

9/1/17 San Francisco Hoodline: “Police Arrest Man In Alleged Series Of Assaults On Asian Women”

8/25/17 NextShark: “Asian American Restaurant Employee Fatally Shot and Robbed in Georgia”

8/16/17 New York Daily News: “Trio of teen vandals take selfies as they trash Queens cemetery, target Asian-American graves”

8/14/17 New America Media: “Advocates See ‘Disturbing’ Rise in Hate Crimes Targeting Asian Americans”
by Chetanya Robinson

7/13/17 The Guardian: “Airbnb host who canceled reservation using racist comment must pay $5,000. Tami Barker, who said she was canceling a guest’s booking because the woman was Asian, must take a course in Asian American studies”
by Olivia Solon
An Airbnb host who canceled a woman’s reservation using a racist remark has been ordered to pay $5,000 in damages for racial discrimination and take a course in Asian American studies.
Dyne Suh, a 26-year-old law clerk, had booked Tami Barker’s mountain cabin in Big Bear, California, for a skiing weekend with friends in February, but Barker canceled the reservation by text message minutes before they arrived,stating: “I wouldn’t rent it to u if u were the last person on earth” and “One word says it all. Asian”.

7/5/17 The Virginian-Pilot: “Security guard in “Pokemon Go” shooting indicted on murder charge”
Shooting of Jiansheng Chen

6/23/17 Detroit Free Press: “Vincent Chin murder 35 years later: History repeating itself?”
by Niraj Warikoo
Thirty-five years ago this week, Gary Koivu visited a Detroit hospital to see his friend Vincent Chin, his head swathed in bandages after being slugged in Highland Park by a man with a baseball bat.
“It was very upsetting,” recalled Koivu, 61, of Harrison Township, who was 26 at the time o the incident. “I had been friends with him for 20 years. I asked the nurse, How is he doing? What are his chances? She said, he has no chance, she said his brain was dead.”
A couple of days later, Chin died, 35 years ago Thursday.
The tragic death — and subsequent lenient punishment (probation and a $3,000 fine) — outraged Asian Americans in Detroit. They organized, forming new coalitions and the civil rights group American Citizens for Justice, sparking an Asian-American civil rights movement that continues today. On Saturday, a forum will be held at a Chinese-American center in Madison Heights to remember Vincent Chin with a documentary screening, panel discussion with Koivu and the director of Michigan’s Civil Rights Dept. and a visit to Chin’s grave site in Detroit. Of Chinese descent, Chin was an adopted son of immigrants from China in metro Detroit.

6/23/17 Philadelphia Inquirer: “Police: Burglars targeting Asian business owners”
by Julie Shaw
Police and federal agents are seeking the public’s help identifying at least two men who have been targeting Asian business owners’ homes or businesses in recent weeks.
About 3 p.m. June 17, the men burglarized a Broomall home that belongs to the owners of the House of Cheese grocery store in Southwest Philadelphia, Lt. John Walker, of Southwest Detectives said Friday. They ransacked the home and fled with cash, electronic equipment and clothing.

6/22/17 Huffington Post: “Dashcam Footage Shows Minnesota Cop’s ‘Brutal Attack’ On Asian Driver”
by Chris D’Angelo
WASHINGTON — Dashcam footage released Thursday by the American Civil Liberties Union shows Minnesota police violently arresting a 22-year-old Asian man after a traffic stop last year.
In the video from July 28, 2016, an officer the ACLU identified as Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Agent Joe Joswiak approaches Anthony Promvongsa’s vehicle with his weapon drawn.
Joswiak can be heard shouting a stream of expletives at Promvongsa.

6/21/17 NECN.com: “Police Investigate Anti-Asian American Vandalism in Conn.”
By Justin Schecker
Many people in Guilford [CT] are upset to learn someone spray painted anti-Asian American racial slurs on a home near the town green.

6/15/17 NBC News: “Who Is Vincent Chin? The History and Relevance of a 1982 Killing”
by Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
Although the death of Vincent Chin has become a staple of Asian-American studies courses taught across the country, there are still many — Asian Americans and others — who do not know about what happened the night Chin was beaten or understand its continued significance for the Asian American community.

5/5/17 India Times: “Association of Asian Americans in Kansas honor ‘American Hero’ Ian Grillot”
The Mid-America Asian Culture Association on April 29, honored Ian Grillot, 24, with a trophy inscribed with the words “American Hero.” Grillot took a bullet when he intervened following the shooting death of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, an Indian techie, in a bar in Olathe, Kansas.

5/3/17 The Gothamist: “Asian Man Attacked In Midtown By Stranger Who Allegedly Screamed, “We Are White Power!””
by Nathan Tempey
Police have arrested a man who allegedly attacked an Asian worker in Midtown while yelling about “white power.”
Steven Zatorski, 48, is accused of approaching the victim, identified in a report as a delivery worker, on Monday morning at around 10:45, on Third Avenue between East 52nd and East 53rd streets. As he laid into the man, Zatorski yelled, “You are a fucking immigrant. Go back to your country,” according to police and prosecutors.

4/10/17 India West: ‘Make America White Again’ Slogan Hits Charlotte; Owner Kamal Dhimel’s Store Burned in Racially Motivated Attack
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In the wake of a spate of hate crime incidents targeting Indian Americans as well as others from South Asia, Charlotte authorities say they arrested a black man April 9 in what they’ve described as a racially tinged arson attack on a Nepalese immigrant-owned store specializing in goods from the Indian subcontinent.

4/7/17 Sacramento Bee: “Robberies targeting Asian Americans in south Sacramento back on rise”
By Richard Chang
Hilda Situ still trembles when she talks about the two times she was robbed at gunpoint – first in front of her store and then outside her house.

4/4/17 Heavy: “Raylon Browning: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”
A “beautiful, smart, hilarious” attorney who fled to the U.S. with her family as a refugee was gunned down as she crossed a busy street Monday morning in midtown Atlanta.
Raylon Browning, 39, has been arrested in the murder of Trinh Huynh, 40, Atlanta Police announced Tuesday at a press conference.
Huynh was in the crosswalk at the intersection of Peachtree Place and Peachtree Street about 7:40 a.m. when she executed at close range by Browning.

4/3/17 Daily Report: “Arrest Announced in Midtown Slaying of UPS Lawyer”
by Kristen Rasmussen
A woman killed in a Midtown shooting during rush hour Monday morning was an in-house attorney at UPS who began her career at Powell Goldstein and Alston & Bird.
Trinh Huynh, 40, was shot several times as she crossed Peachtree Street near Peachtree Place around 7:40 a.m. Monday, most likely on her way to work, possibly via MARTA, according to Atlanta Police Department. She was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where she later died.

3/15/17 press release: KAC Applauds Arrest and Community Engagement by Los Angeles Police Department Olympic Division
LOS ANGELES, March 15, 2017 – The Korean American Coalition (KAC) applauds the Olympic Division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for the arrest of the assailant responsible for the assault on a 24-year-old Korean female in a strip mall located on the corner of Vermont Avenue and 11th Street on Friday, March 10. The victim was released from the hospital today and is recovering from sustained injuries. The assailant is in custody and is being held on $1,075,000 bail.
“We thank and commend our partners in law enforcement and applaud Olympic Division’s Captain David Kowalski for initiating the press conference and inviting the community to attend,” said Joon Bang, KAC Executive Director.
The Olympic Division is holding a press conference to answer questions from the media and the general public on Thursday, March 15 at 3:00 p.m. in its community room, 1130 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90006.

3/4/17 Washington Post: “Go back to your own country’: Sikh man shot in his driveway in suspected hate crime”
By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
The 39-year-old Sikh man was working on his car in his driveway in Kent, Wash., just south of Seattle, when a man walked up wearing a mask and holding a gun.
According to a report in the Seattle Times, there was an altercation, and the gunman — a stocky, 6-foot-tall white man wearing a mask over the bottom part of his face — said “Go back to your own country” and pulled the trigger.

2/28/17 KRON: “Oakland teens arrested for brutal beating of 55-year-old”
By Allie O’Brien
OAKLAND (KRON)- Two Oakland teenagers have been charged with murder for the brutal beating death of a 55-year-old man in a West Oakland park early Wednesday morning, said prosecutors.
Jabari Jones, 19 and Breshawn Clark, 18, were arraigned on Friday in connection with Piliip Fai Low’s death and are scheduled to return to court on March 20 to enter pleas.

2/24/17 Washington Post: “He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ witnesses say, and then shot 2 men from India, killing one”
By Mark Berman and Samantha Schmidt
A Kansas man was charged Feb. 23 with shooting to death an Indian man and wounding a second Indian man and an American in a bar. Federal authorities are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

2/17/17 NPR: “First-Ever Tracker Of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans Launched”

2/14/17 AsAm News: “Asian American Family’s Home Vandalized with Racist Graffiti” (Minneapolis)

2/2/17 Next Shark: “Korean Grandma Allegedly Assaulted by Woman Screaming ‘White Power’ in L.A.”

1/20/17 Orange County Register: “Rise in crimes targeting Asian Americans leads to new anti-hate website”
Visit the website at standagainsthatred.org

10/21/16 Washington Post: “Why some Asian Americans want to ban this rap song”
By Derek Hawkins
The song “Meet the Flockers” by California-based rapper YG opens with these lines:
“First, you find a house and scope it out. Find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don’t believe in bank accounts.”
Over the following two minutes, YG gives a step-by-step description of a residential robbery: how to scout out the scene, how to break in, and how to discern which items are worth stealing.

10/15/16 bostonese.com: “Protests Against Rapper YG’s Hateful Lyrics Break Out Today, Boston to Hold Protest on Oct 19”
By Xinming Li
Boston, October 15, 2016 – Protests against Rapper YG’s hateful Lyrics in major cities across the nation. Boston will hold a protest when YG is scheduled to have a performance here on Oct. 19.
The Chinese American Citizens Alliance Boston Lodge condemns the cultural form of violence represented by the music video “Meet the Flockers.” This extremely racist video, produced by Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson aka rapper YG, incites and perpetuates racial stereotypes, horrendous violence and despicable crime against Chinese Americans. The lyrics and video blatantly glorifies home invasions on American families.

10/14/16 NBC News: “Rapper YG’s Song ‘Meet the Flockers’ Sparks Protests, Accusations of Targeting Asian Americans”
by Chris Fuchs
Asian Americans protested Wednesday night outside a concert in Maryland, criticizing California rap artist YG for a song whose lyrics talk about burglarizing homes in Chinese neighborhoods.
“It glorifies crime against Asian Americans,” Cliff Li, one of the rally organizers, told NBC News. “We want to say it’s wrong to glorify crime against everybody.”

10/12/16 Fox5DC: “Rapper under fire for song lyrics encouraging robberies against Chinese Americans”
By: Marina Marraco
SILVER SPRING, Md. – Music fans and protesters both gathered at The Fillmore in Silver Spring Wednesday night. The fans were there to see rapper YG perform inside the concert venue while the protesters were outside to denounce some of the rapper’s lyrics.
The controversial lyrics come in the song “Meet The Flockers” that was released two years ago and the protesters are arguing that they are a step-by-step guide to street violence that seem to be directed against the Chinese American community.

7/28/16 NY1 News: “Police Seek Two Women in Alleged Anti-Asian Bias Attack on the Upper West Side”
The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating an attack on the subway.
The incident happened aboard a northbound 1 train on the Upper West Side the night of June 26.
Investigators say the women in this surveillance video boarded the train at 86th Street.
One then began screaming and shouting profanities at the 29-year-old victim.

5/26/16 English East Day: “Chinese student beaten in possible hate crime”
Safety concerns were rising among Chinese students after a Chinese woman was brutally beaten in an possible hate crime last week in Tempe, Arizona.
Xiaolin Shi, an undergraduate at Arizona State University, said she was assaulted by a white woman on a train on the way home between 10:30 pm and 11 pm on May 20.
Kalie Rutledge, 22, began yelling slurs like “Bitch, go f—ing back to China” to Shi and her friend after they got on the train and talked in Chinese, Shi told China Daily.
She said the suspect aggressively approached them and continued berating them for a while. As they were about to get off the train at their stop, the suspect came at them and punched Shi in the face.
“I lost consciousness for a few seconds, and then I found myself on the ground with blood all over my face,” Shi said. Her friend was also attacked but didn’t sustain serious injuries.
Shi had a broken bone in her face and swelling to her eye. She said the doctor told her surgery might be necessary, though she was currently in stable condition.
The suspect was arrested by Tempe police that night on a charge of aggravated assault and then booked into Maricopa County Jail. According to Maricopa County court documents, Rutledge was released after an initial appearance on May 24, and is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing on May 31.
According to the website jail.com, Rutledge was arrested at least 10 times previously on charges including criminal damage, drug paraphernalia use or possession, disorderly conduct and violation of probation.
“It was 100 percent racial hatred, no other reason,” said Shi. “I don’t know her (Rutledge). I’ve never met her before.”
Four months ago in Tempe, another Chinese girl, Yue Jiang, also an international student at Arizona State, was shot dead by a white woman whose car bumped hers while Jiang was driving home from a shopping trip with her boyfriend.
No trial date has been set for Holly Davis, 32, the suspect in Jiang’s case, said Rebecca Wilder, spokeswoman for the Maricopa County District Attorney’s office, who declined to comment on both cases, saying they were pending.
Though police tried to ease fears among Chinese students telling them that Jiang’s case was a “random act of violence”, safety has been a top concern since the shooting.
“At least for a long while, we had been very cautious. Many students talked about buying a gun for protection,” said Kevin Cheng, a Chinese student at Arizona State. “The local Chinese set up a group on WeChat. Sometimes they give lectures on using firearms.”
He said racial tension was not rare where he lived, and he had similar experiences on campus, on the train and while attending an NBA game.
“We wish we could do something to change it, but unfortunately, it seems there’s little we can do but rally to make our voice heard,” Cheng said. “We are talking about a rally at the court when Jiang’s killer stands trial.”
To Christine Liu, a Chinese student at Arizona State who lived close to the location where Jiang was killed, there was not blatant racial prejudice.
“But I can feel the sense of hostility against Asians,” she said.

3/9/16 New York Daily News: “Politicians and community leaders to meet with NYPD to discuss hate crimes against Asian-Americans”
BY Lisa Colangelo
Assemblyman Ron Kim says victims in Asian-American community “felt targeted by the assailants because of their ethnicity yet the attacks were not classified as hate crimes.”
Asian-American leaders, concerned the NYPD takes too long to classify hate crimes against the community, will meet with police officials in Flushing on Thursday at a special public meeting.
Those incidents included the brutal slashing of 16-year-old exchange student JiaJia Liang in December while she walked to school in Queens and the stabbing of playwright David Henry Hwang in Brooklyn in November.

2/6/15: Sureshbhai Patel, a 57-year-old Indian national who was visiting his son in Madison, Alabama, U.S., was seriously injured after being detained by three police officers in a residential neighborhood. Patel had police called on him by a neighborhood resident for alleged suspicious behavior in the neighborhood.  Patel did not know how to speak English. There is video footage of the officer slamming Patel to the ground.

2/5/16 NBC News: “Concerns Raised Over Reported Rise in Crime Against Asian Americans in NYC”
by Chris Fuchs
Members of New York’s congressional delegation sent a letter to the New York Police Department (NYPD) expressing concern over what they say is a rise in crime against Asian Americans and urging the department to hire more Asian police officers.

1/14/16 Salon: “Alabama cop paralyzed Indian grandfather; judge throws out case after two racially charged trials”
by Ben Norton
Sureshbahi Patel was walking on the sidewalk outside of his son’s home in an Alabama suburb on the morning of Feb. 6, 2015, minding his own business, when a white police officer approached him, frisked him and threw him to the ground, leaving him paralyzed.

1/26/13 MyFoxNY.com: “Police search for suspect in attacks on Asian-Americans”
by Glenn Wilburn
New York – The NYPD continues the search for the man suspected of attacking Asian-Americans in
East Harlem and parts of the Upper East Side since January 17th.
Authorities say over the past week, the suspect has been assaulting six Asian-American residents
by repeatedly by punching them in the face and head and forcefully removing their property in elevators.
The latest incident took place on Friday when two Asian-American residents were assaulted.
Police say the suspect is described as a light skinned male black or male Hispanic, 6’0″- 6’2″,
200 – 230 lbs and wears a black jacket and a black doo-rag or skull cap.
Crime Stoppers is currently offering up to $2,000 in cash for information leading to the arrest and
indictment of the person responsible for these crimes.
Anyone with information can call Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

9/20/12 NBC 10 Philadelphia: “SugarHouse Winners Targeted, 4 Robberies Reported: Cops; One victim,
who is 8 months pregnant, spoke exclusively to NBC10 about the attack that happened after she and her
husband left the casino,”
By Rosemary Connors and Lauren DiSanto
Philadelphia Police tell NBC10 there have been at least four incidents in the past few months where
winners from SugarHouse Casino were robbed after returning home. According to both police and the
victims, the robbers share a similar description and could be specifically targeting Asian casino winners.
The most recent incident happened early Wednesday when two family members were robbed as they
returned home to the 2800 block of Welsh Street.
Another victim, who was robbed early Sunday, is 8 months pregnant.  She says she was attacked after
leaving SugarHouse with her husband.
Surveillance video captured by a neighbor’s security camera shows the woman and her husband being
ambushed right after they arrived back home in their Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood.
The victim, who did not want to be identified, says the two men were armed with tasers.
She spent three days in the hospital recovering from her injuries. The woman tells NBC10 she feels
like they were being watched as they cashed out their winnings.
The woman had $8,000 dollars in her purse, along with her mother’s diamond ring that she was
planning to take to the jewelers.
SugarHouse Casino released the following statement late Wednesday night:
“SugarHouse is cooperating fully with police as they investigate the alleged profiling of Asian players.
Nothing is more important than the safety of our guests. With 500 surveillance cameras, we are
providing law enforcement countless photos to quickly apprehend these thugs,” said Wendy Hamilton,
General Manager.

8/6/12 FoxNews.com: “Gunman in Sikh temple identified, was former soldier,”
By Jana Winter
Cudahy, Wis. � The man authorities say killed six in a Milwaukee-area Sikh temple before police
shot him was a heavily-tattooed, 40-year-old ex-Army soldier, sources told Fox News, but what
triggered his rampage remains unclear.

6/22/12 New York Times: “Why Vincent Chin Matters,”
by Frank H. Wu
On June 23, 1982, in Detroit, a young man named Vincent Chin died. Four nights earlier, he had
been enjoying his bachelor party with friends at a local bar when they were accosted by two white
men, who blamed them for the success of Japan�s auto industry. �It�s because of you we�re out of
work,� they were said to have shouted, adding a word that can�t be printed here. The men
bludgeoned Mr. Chin, 27, with a baseball bat until his head cracked open.

6/22/12 AALDEF blog: “Ronald Ebens, the man who killed Vincent Chin, apologizes 30 years later,”
by Emil Guillermo
Ronald Ebens says he’s sorry for the beating death of Vincent Chin on June 19, 1982, 30 years ago
in Detroit. But for many Asian Americans, he can’t say sorry enough.
For the 30th anniversary, after writing about the case for years, I just wanted to hear him express his
regret, so that I could put the case behind me.
So I called him up. And he talked to me.

6/21/12 Wilmington, NC Star News: “Update – Sixth person charged in delivery driver’s murder,”
by Brian Freskos
After shooting Zhen Bo Liu on a dark Wilmington street, the gunmen stole his food delivery of
chicken wings and shrimp fried rice and shared the meal among their accomplices at a nearby house.
After eating, they returned to view Liu’s body and rummage through his car.
When police arrived on South 13th Street to begin their investigation into Liu’s June 14 death,
missing from the 60-year-old delivery driver’s vehicle was the order of food and $48 in cash.

6/14/12 Huntington News (WV): “`Teens’ Attack Whites, Asian-Americans in Chicago,”
by David M. Kinchen
As the temperatures rise in Chicago, the nation’s third largest city, attacks by black ‘”teens”
are on the rise, although you wouldn’t know it from the politically correct news reports. The attacks
follow the patterns of last year’s “wildings” in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and at the Wisconsin State Fair, with
mobs of young blacks attacking whites and others.
If you read the CBS News report (link:http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/06/13/surveillance-pictures-released-in-mob-attack-on-cta-red-line/ )
you’ll have to look far down in the story to discover that the “teens” are black and the victims are whites or
Asian-Americans — typical of the politically correct newswriting and editing practiced by the liberal media.

To: University of Cincinnati Community
From: Michael Cureton
Chief of Police, Director of Public Safety
University of Cincinnati Police are investigating a hate crime that occurred on campus on the south
concourse of Nippert  Stadium.
The incident occurred at 4 p.m., May 2, 2012, when a female Asian student who was walking in that area
was struck in the face with a rock by an unknown person in a group numbering five to seven male and female
black juveniles. The suspects are further described as wearing khaki pants and black and/or blue shirts.
The victim states that the group of juveniles began to laugh and make ethnic slurs towards her after she
was struck. The victim did not require medical treatment as a result of this assault.
During a follow-up investigation by UCPD, the victim states that she was aware of another person who
experienced a similar event at the same location. This person did not make a report to police.
If anyone has information about this, or any other crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.
Crime Stoppers offers rewards for information leading to the arrest of suspects in crimes, and you can
remain anonymous.
Crime alerts, as required by federal law, provide information to University community members about
incidents that occur on or within close proximity of the campus and may present a danger to other community
members. This information may be helpful in avoiding similar incidents, as well as soliciting any information
that may be available concerning these crimes. To track crimes in the campus area, go to
http://www.crimereports.com and enter an address or any local ZIP code.

3/20/12 Philadelphia Daily News: “Video shows gang attacking Asian couple,”
by Julie Shaw
In yet another home invasion of an Asian business owner, an Oxford Circle man says
that he and his wife were ambushed Sunday night as they pulled into their back driveway
in their black Lexus.

3/18/12 Another Asian American business owner targeted in home invasion in Philadelphia
Uploaded by Philadelphia Police- On March 18, 2012, at 7:02pm, the complainants parked
in the rear of their residence in the 1400 block of McKinley St. As the first complainant exited
the vehicle, the complainant heard a voice that yelled” don’t move or I’ll shoot you”. The
complainant looked up and saw 6 to 7 unknown males with one of the suspects pointing a
handgun in his direction. The suspects forced both complainants inside the residence. Once
inside, the suspects demanded money. One of the suspects struck the complainant in the
head numerous times with a handgun. The second complainant complied and gave the
suspects money and jewelry. The suspects then fled the residence on foot through the rear
driveway east towards Large Street with approximately $30,000 in cash, jewelry, and the
complainant’s handgun.
Suspect Description: 6-7 Black males wearing blue or black hoodies and holding rags
over their faces. One male was wearing a white hoodie and also holding a rag over his face.
If you see these males do not approach them, contact 911 immediately.
To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477).
If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact:
Northeast Detective Division
Det Keith Scott # 7603
Home Invasion 1449 McKinley Street DC#12-2-018719

3/1/12 Philly.com: “Vigil set in unsolved murder,”
by Julie Shaw
Hundreds of people from Asian-American communities are expected to come out for
a vigil at 5 p.m. today to call attention to the still-unsolved Jan. 20 robbery-murder of a
Chinese-takeout owner in Tacony.
The vigil will take place in front of the now-shuttered Jin House, at Longshore Avenue and
Tulip Street, where owner Xiang Huang, 27, was shot to death as his wife held their
8-month-old daughter.
A representative from the victim’s family is expected to speak at the vigil, as will leaders
of various Chinese community organizations.
The city is offering up to a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrests and
convictions of the two robbers, described as masked black men dressed in black. Tipsters
can call 215-686-TIPS (8477) or homicide detectives at 215-686-3334.

6/27/11 BBC News: “Chinese immigrants to France attacked in Paris,”
By David Chazan
Businessman Wei Ming Shi was out walking with his wife when three muggers tried to snatch
her bag.
“I fought them off but they hit me in the face and broke my nose,” he said. “My vision was blurred
for a week afterwards.
“These kind of attacks happen all the time, especially to Asians,” said Mr Shi, who runs a driving
school in the Belleville neighbourhood of Paris and has been mugged twice.
“My wife has had her mobile phone stolen at least five times,” he said. “Every day people are
being attacked and beaten up, so we’re scared.”
Ethnic Chinese residents of the French capital say they are being systematically attacked and
robbed – and they are campaigning for more police protection.

6/15/11 The Cornell Daily Sun: “Police Arrest Teenager for Alleged West Campus Assault,”
By Juan Forrer
Cornell University Police arrested and charged Viktor P. Nikulin, 19, Tuesday for what police say
may have been a racially motivated assault against an Asian male who was riding his bicycle on
On June 5, three individuals in a vehicle yelled racial epithets at a student [6] of Asian descent
riding his bicycle on College Avenue near the intersection of Campus Road, police said. The vehicle
followed the victim onto West Avenue where Nikulin allegedly exited the vehicle and assaulted him.
The victim was treated for injuries at Cayuga Medical Center and released.
Nikulin, who is not a Cornell student, was arraigned Tuesday in the City of Ithaca Court and
released on his own recognizance. Cornell Police have been in discussions with the Tompkins
County District Attorney’s office to determine whether the assault can be prosecuted as a hate crime.
Chief of Police Kathy Zoner said that CUPD, working through leads from witnesses, contacted
Nikulin and asked him to come into Barton Hall, where he was arrested.
While police initially reported four individuals in the vehicle, the description of the incident was
later revised to only three people.
The other two individuals in the vehicle have not been charged, Zoner said. It will be up to the
District Attorney�s office to determine if charges will be filed against the other two individuals, she said.
President David Skorton and Susan Murphy �73, vice president of student and academic services,
condemned the attack in a statement issued June 8.
�We are relieved to report that the victim of this incident is expected to recover fully, we are
dismayed that such an incident should have occurred at all in our community,� Skorton and Murphy
said in the joint statement.

4/22/11 Forest Hills Patch: “Police Seeking Sexual Assault Suspect In Queens; Man has attacked four
women since September, NYPD says,”
by Matthew Hampton
New York City police are asking for the public�s help in locating an alleged rapist who has struck four
times in Queens since late last year.
All the reported incidents have taken place in the 109th precinct, based in Flushing, and the victims
have all been Asian women in their twenties or thirties.
The suspect is described as a Hispanic man in his thirties standing five-foot-five, 140 pounds with
black hair.
The most recent incident happened on Tuesday evening at 11:40 p.m. on Colden Street. The victim,
an Asian woman in her early twenties, did not require any medical assistance as a result of the attack.
Earlier victims have not all been able to escape harm, according to police.
The first incident happened on September 22, 2010 at 10:10 p.m., at the corner of 28th Street and
34th Avenue in Flushing. The victim, an Asian woman in her late thirties, sustained minor injuries from
her hands and legs in the assault.
The second incident, occurred December 12, 2010 at 7:30 p.m., at the corner of Sanford Avenue
and 147th Street. The victim was an Asian woman in her late twenties, who suffered facial injuries in
the attack.
The third incident happened on Bowne Street on Feb. 27 at 3:45 a.m., the victim, an Asian woman
in her mid-twenties, did not require any medical assistance, according to police.
The NYPD has released a sketch and two videos that they say show the alleged attacker.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477). The public can
also submit tips at the Crime Stoppers’ website at http://www.nypdcrimestoppers.com or by texting their tips
to CRIMES (274637), then entering TIP577.
All callers will remain anonymous.

3/2/11 New York Times: “2 Teenagers Are Sentenced for Killing Man Asleep in His Car
by Mick Meenan
Two teenagers convicted of killing a Queens man whom they overpowered as he slept in his Lexus
were sentenced on Wednesday to prison terms of at least 20 years each.
The victim, David Kao, 49, was a marketing executive of The World Journal, which describes itself as
the largest Chinese-language newspaper in North America. Mr. Kao was strangled inside his Lexus
S.U.V., and his body was later dumped on a dead-end street after the teenagers spotted him asleep
after they spent a Friday evening at the movies.
For full story, see: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/03/nyregion/03executive.html

2/24/11 Los Angeles Times: “Chinese American man beaten by Korean Americans in alleged
hate-crime attack, authorities say,”
Two Korean Americans were in jail Thursday, two others were released on bail and two more were
being sought in connection with the robbery and assault of a Chinese American man in Diamond Bar
in what authorities described as a hate crime.
The Feb. 6 incident began when the 25-year-old victim placed an order for takeout at a Korean
restaurant in the 18300 block of East Colima Road in Rowland Heights, said Sgt. Steven Kim of the
L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s Asian Gang Team.
For full story, see: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/02/beating-of-chinese-american-man-by-koreans-called-hate-crime.html?lanow

12/31/10 Poughkeepsie Journal:  “Cops: Burglaries near NYC target Asians, like local string over summer
by Emily Stewart
Town of Poughkeepsie police are warning residents about a series of burglaries in Westchester County
and Stamford, Conn., apparently targeted at Asian-Americans.
There have been no recent reports of similar incidents in Dutchess County, but over the summer town
police investigated a string of burglaries involving victims with Asian surnames. Five burglaries were
reported in June and July in a large housing development off Spackenkill Road, town Police Chief Thomas
Mauro said.
There were 10 additional burglaries in nearby towns, including East Fishkill, Union Vale, LaGrange,
Beekman and Wappinger involving victims with Asian surnames. In most cases, thieves took cash, jewelry
and identification documents, Mauro said.
Similar thefts have occurred elsewhere in the greater New York area. Most incidents took place during
the daytime when residents were not at home, he said.
In September, the New York Police Department arrested a Queens man authorities believe was involved
in break-ins targeted at Asian-Americans, according to police and written reports.
Town of Greenburgh police in Westchester confirmed Tuesday they are investigating a series of
burglaries apparently targeting people of South Asian descent. However, not all of the burglaries have
specifically targeted South Asians.
Mauro advises residents to follow “simple crime prevention tips” to reduce the odds of being targeted.
� Lock all doors and windows properly.
� Secure valuables in a safe or safe-deposit box.
� Install exterior lights with motion detectors.
� Consider a home alarm system.
� If you are away from home for a period of time, have the driveway cleared of snow and mail retrieved
from the box.
11/20/10 Philadelphia Inquirer: “an linked to Asian-American business owner robbery sought,”
by Joelle Farrell
The FBI wants help finding a man linked to an armed home-invasion robbery that targeted an
Asian American business owner in Delaware County last summer.
Nyfis “Feese” Toppings, 26, and several other assailants allegedly broke into the victim’s
Havertown home through a kitchen window on Aug. 8, according to the FBI. Armed with handguns,
their faces covered with masks or bandannas, the crew forced the victims to open a safe, then
fled with cash.

8/20/10 Philadelphia Inquirer: “Radnor family assaulted and robbed, possibly because
they are Asian,”
by Bonnie L. Cook
Lisa Lee, 17, thought she was dreaming at 3 a.m. Wednesday when she opened
her bedroom door in Radnor Township to find a stranger wearing a bandanna across
his face and holding a gun.
“Make a noise and I’ll hurt you,” said the intruder, pointing the gun to her head.
Struggling to emerge from sleep, Lee heard the sound of a scuffle downstairs and
her father, Jei Lee, crying out in pain.
    Radnor police are asking anyone with information to call 610-688-0503.

8/18/10 Delaware County, PA Daily Times “Asian business owners worried about
robberies: Upper Darby police are on alert after three Asian-American business owners
were recently targeted in home invasions,”
By Linda Reilly
Upper Darby � Asian-American business owners in the 69th Street area are again
being targeted by robbers who believe the entrepreneurs don�t use banks, police said.
Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood cited three home invasions involving owners
of shops on South 69th and Market streets.  �The most recent home invasion involving
69th Street stores occurred 2:30 a.m. Aug. 8 in Haverford,� Chitwood said.
6/14/10 The Anniston Star: “Alabama�s hate-crime rate,”
by our readers
The FBI says hate crime incidents per 100,000 for 2008 were 2.9 percent nationwide.
New Jersey had the highest rate with 8.6, and Alabama had the lowest rate with 0.4. Are
Alabama law enforcement agencies accurately reporting hate crimes?
For example, a recent incident in a Montgomery high school involved an Asian-
American student and one or more African-American students. The high school is 94
percent African-American and very, very few students of Asian descent. If the incident
involved an African-American student and white student in a school that was 94 percent
white with very, very few African-Americans, then activists would be leading marches and
giving interviews on national TV proclaiming �hate crime, hate crime.�
I am not convinced Alabama has the lowest hate crime rate in the United States. The
incident cited above may be a hate crime but not reported as one.
Joe Boyett

5/16/10 Associated Press: “Attacks on Asian-Americans lead to racial tension,”
By Juliana Barbassa
San Francisco � Mrs. Cheng feels like she’s living under siege in her own home.
In January, an 83-year-old neighbor, also a Chinese immigrant, was beaten into a
coma. Days after he died in March, Mrs. Cheng, 53, was attacked and pushed off a public
transit platform, coming to minutes later with front teeth knocked out and her mouth full of

5/10/10 cbs5.com (San Francisco): “Bay Area Ex-Con Admits To Targeting Asians,”
Recent attacks on Asian-Americans have stoked racial tensions in some Bay Area
communities. One African-American ex-con admits to targeting Asians, but says he didn’t
do it out of hate.
Ananze Emenike talks about robbing Asians like it was no big deal – during his teen
years, it wasn’t.
“We got busted for a hate crime, due to the fact that when they linked us to the other
robberies�they were 75-85 per cent Asian,” recalled Emenike.
Emenike’s reign of terror ended with his arrest in 2007 at the age of 17. Ananze said
he once targeted Asians, but not because he had any animosity toward his victims. He
said he chose Asian victims due to a perception that they carried a lot of money, wouldn’t
fight back, and wouldn’t go to police because of a language barrier.
“We would go places where we knew Asians would carry a lot of money. Like for a
good example Stonestown. That was a place we knew lots of Asians came and spent a
lot of money,” he recalled.
Race played a part in Emenike’s robberies. His victims were targeted because of
race, but for specific reasons, they presented for him a crime of opportunity. We can’t tell
you about all such crimes, but it does offer a different perspective to the debate.
Emenike has cleaned up his act, after spending time in prison. He’s now a video
producer for the news agency Youth Outlook.

5/6/10 New America Media: “San Francisco’s ‘Black on Chinese’ Violence Goes Back
Commentary by Hubert V. Yee
African-American and Asian-American elected and appointed officials have failed to
address the growing racial tensions in southeast San Francisco.
Growing up as an Asian American in southeast San Francisco was not easy. Safety
was a huge issue for all residents. We heard gunshots at night and sirens wailing past
our homes. Our neighbors and family members heard stories about other neighbors and
family members becoming victims of crimes by a segment of the African-American
When I was 16, I was attacked by eight African Americans while riding Muni�s 15 Third
bus line. I was spit on. We fought. I was beaten unconscious and remained out for a few
seconds. I am reminded every day that I was beaten for no apparent reason when I look in
the mirror and see my scar.
My mother and father were also victims. I remember waking up hearing my mom and
dad screaming. I ran downstairs to see my mom and dad being robbed and assaulted
in front of our home by two African Americans.
These criminals target Asian Americans because we are seen as weak, unorganized,
foreign, and as �walking ATM machines.� We are racialized in many of these instances of
Our pain has not been felt or heard by so-called elected representatives, black and
Asian alike. Sophie Maxwell, who represents District 10 on the Board of Supervisors, has
said little. Others, like Human Rights Commissioner Yvonne Lee, have provided a false
historical narrative of the violence. At a recent commission meeting, Lee said these
incidents have only occurred in the �past several years.�
As a resident of the neighborhood for more than 25 years, I disagree.
Supervisor David Chiu said on TV that these instances were not racially motivated.
I disagree. The violence is racial. Asian Americans are seen as easy victims.
In order to heal, these �racialized� assumptions and misperceptions about Asian
Americans need to be acknowledged. We need community development projects that
involve multiracial interaction to dispel such racist stereotypes. In 2005, I created a youth
program, APIYLDP, that explored the African-American experience and the Asian-
American experience in District 10 with a group of multiracial youth and multiple
nonprofits. Asian-American youth learned about the African-American experience
through community immersion, fieldwork and research. Research conducted by youth
documented racial misunderstandings between Asian-American and African-American
youth. Results showed that the youth participating in this project better understood the
commonalities and the struggles the two communities shared.
Efforts to continue the dialogue between Asian-American and African-American
youth are hopeful solutions to the growing despair facing many Asian Americans in the
Bay View and Visitation Valley. We must focus on developing our community through
multiracial coalitions and continually hold accountable not only District 10 Supervisor
Sophie Maxwell, but also those who claim to be our voice: Asian-American elected and
appointed officials.
All San Francisco residents, including those in District 10, should feel safe riding a
bus, walking to school and being in their homes.
Hubert V. Yee has been a resident of San Francisco’s District 10 for more than 25
years.  As a community activist with a Master of Arts in Asian American Studies, he has
worked on multiple projects to develop healthier community relations.

5/2/10 San Francisco Chronicle: “Dirty secret of black-on-Asian violence is out,”
by C.W. Nevius
San Francisco’s hidden truth is out. That’s what community organizer Carol Mo calls
the realization that Asian residents are being targeted for robberies, burglaries and
intimidation by young black men.
“It is San Francisco’s dirty little secret,” said Mo, a former Safety Network Community
organizer in the Sunset District. “It’s not news to us.”


One thought on “Hate Crimes

  1. With the furor over the numerous shootings of unarmed black males by police officers (white in all instances I know of thus far) I’m looking for data on Asians shot by white police officers. Call it a racial prejudice, but I don’t expect to find any. The white semi-racist argument is that ‘the Asian kids are in college and the Black kids are in jail’. Where can I find statistics to either confirm or refute this assertion?

    I don’t want to appear heartless, but I’m not interested in statistics involving hate-crimes by non-police. What individuals do is oft times reprehensible; I myself get most up set by these crimes because I think they are motivated by jealousy, and I have no patience with jealousy, envy, and related sinful emotions.

    Joe Kwiatkowski (Polish on my Dad’s side; Sicilian on my Moms, in case you think it’s significant.)
    Cheektowaga, New York.

    Posted by Joe Kwiatkowski | July 7, 2016, 7:18 pm

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