Colleges 2006

Statistics from the 2006 America’s Best Colleges 
by U.S. News & World Report for 2004-05 freshman class.

school % accepted total applicants number accepted % Asian-Am. in student body
Juilliard School 7.5 2014 151 12
Yale 9.9 19,682 1,958 14
U.S. Naval Academy 10.2 14,426 1,473 5
Harvard 10.7 19,752 2,110 17
Cooper Union 11.9 2,329 277 25
U.S. Military Academy 12.5 11,881 1,488 7
Princeton 12.7 13,695 1,733 13
Stanford 13.0 19,172 2,486 24*
Columbia 13.2 17,258 2,275 16
U.S. Air Force Academy 13.4 12,430 1,663 6
MIT 15.9 10,466 1,665 28
Brown 16.6 15,286 2,534 14
Dartmouth 18.5 11,734 2,173 13
Williams 19.2 5,705 1,093 9
Pomona 19.7 4,927 970 13
CalTech 20.5 2,761 566 31
Amherst 20.7 5,487 1,135 13
U. of Pennsylvania 21.2 18,282 3,878 18
U.S. Coast Guard Academy 21.6 1,848 399 4*
Claremont McKenna 21.7 3,528 766 14
Georgetown 21.9 14,855 3,260 10
Washington Univ. (St. Louis) 22.20 19,822 4,400 9
Rice 22.23 8,106 1,802 15
U. of Calif. – Los Angeles 23.0 43,199 9,949 37*
Duke 23.9 15,903 3,804 13
Bowdoin 24.4 4,853 1,186 11
Average 15.6

*decrease from prior year
4/8/05 Cornell Daily Sun: “Applications, Acceptances Rise for 2009,”
According to the admissions report released by the University, 7.9 percent of all those admitted were international students. 11 percent of admitted students were indicated to be legacy students. The report indicated that 42.1 percent of admits identified themselves as Caucasian, 17.5 percent as Asian American, 6.3 percent as African American, 6.7 percent as Hispanic, 0.5 percent as Native American, and 0.05 percent as Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. 21.9 percent of admits did not indicate their ethnicity while the rest indicated multicultural backgrounds.
4/2/05 Harvard Crimson: “Harvard Acceptance Rate Hits Record Low,”
The percentage of African-American students admitted for the class of 2009 reached a record high of 10.5 percent, up from 10.3 percent last year. The number of Latinos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans only changed marginally from last year.
4/7/05 Harvard Gazette: “Class of 2009 chosen from record 22,796”:
Harvard’s new Financial Aid Initiative (HFAI) has led to the largest applicant pool (22,796) and the most competitive admission rate (9.1 percent) in the
history of the College.
56 percent of the candidates scored 1400 or higher on SATs; almost 2,150 scored a perfect 800 on their SAT verbal test; more than 3,200 scored an 800
on the SAT math; and nearly 3,200 were valedictorians of their high school classes.
A record 10.5 percent of the admitted students are African American, while 17.8 percent are Asian American, 8.2 percent are Latino, and slightly more
than 1 percent are Native American

12/16/04 and 11/7/05 Harvard Gazzette:
For the Class of 2009, 23% of the early applicants were Asian Americans, but only 18% of the admitted early applicants were Asian Americans. 5.2% of the early applicants were African American, but 8.7% of the admitted early applicants were African Americans.
2/5/07 e-mail from Ed Chin:
Here are Harvard’s racial admit rates for the Class of 2009:
Asian American applicants, for the Class of 2009, were 23% of Harvard’s SCEA (Single Choice Early Action) total applicant pool, but only 18% of Harvard’s admitted students from SCEA. were Asian Americans. Asian Americans are accepted to Harvard at a lower rate than whites and at 1/2 the acceptance rate of blacks.
The Asian American percentage of the matriculated students is 18%. The Asian American percentage of Harvard’s applicant pool is over 23%.Asian Americans should be at least 23% of Harvard and more, if it were not for the anti-Asian quota.
Harvard is 25% to 30% Jewish for their 2% of the American population.
Asian Americans have the least chance or odds of admission to Harvard due to race preferences in its admissions process. This represents a de facto quota against Asian Americans. Asian Americans represent the only non-preferred racial or ethnic group in Harvard admission. They are today’s Jews in the admissions process with caps on their numbers. There are no more quotas against Jews today. Read the book, “The Chosen”, by Karabel regarding discriminating and limiting quotas previously used against Jews in the Ivies, especially Harvard.
The following data proves that Asian Americans have the LOWEST admit rate to Harvard.
Please click on:
From the Harvard Gazette, 11/17/05
From the Harvard Gazette, 12/16/04
For the Class of 2009;
[Nearly 18 percent of the admitted students are Asian American (20.7 percent last year), 8.7 percent are African American (6.9 percent last year), 3.4 percent are Hispanic (2.3 percent last year), 2 percent Mexican American (2.9 percent last year), 0.7 percent Native American (0.8 percent last year), and 0.9 percent Puerto Rican (1.7 percent last year).]
These are the actual racial numbers/percentages for Harvard’s admitted early action applicants from the Harvard Gazzette, 12/16/04. For the Class of 2009, 23% of the early applicants were Asian Americans (from the Harvard Gazette, 11/17/05), but only 18% of the admitted early applicants were Asian Americans, where as 5.2% of the early applicants were African American (from the Harvard Gazette, 11/17/05), but 8.7% of the admitted early applicants were African Americans.
Asian Americans are admitted at the lowest rate of any racial or ethnic group, including whites, because of racial preferences.
Blacks are admitted at the highest rates. The black admit rate is 2 times higher, and the white admit rate is also higher than the Asian American admit rate, because of racial preferences, and a de facto anti-Asian quota.
By lowering the admissions standards for URMs (underrepresented minorities, blacks, Latinos, etc.), these schools raise the admissions standards for Asians. Whites are also admitted with lower standards than Asians, on the average, but higher than that of URMs.
Asians, with their overall higher standards for admissions, as an applicant group, on the average relative to the other groups, including whites, are used to compensate for the lowered standards for the admission of the other groups.
4/5/05 Swarthmore press release: Forty-nine percent of all accepted students for the class of 2009 identify themselves as domestic students of color. Asian Americans make up 21 percent of the admitted class; African Americans, 12 percent; and Latino/a students, 16 percent. One percent is in the category Native American/Hawaiian/other.

11/17/05 Swarthmore College Phoenix: 46 percent of African-American applicants were accepted, while the overall acceptance rate for the class of 2009 was only 22 percent.

4/15/05 Tufts Daily: “Class of 2009 profile reflects Tufts’ continued selectivity,”
According to the University’s profile for the admitted students for the Class of 2009, the mean verbal score is 710 and the mean math score is 718. The accepted applicants to the School of Engineering have an average math score of 744.

4/6/05 Daily Pennsylvanian: “Penn admits 20.8 percent to Class of ’09:
Regular-decision admit rate hits record low; mean SAT rises to 1434,”
Among minorities, 367 black applicants, 278 Latinos and 17 Native Americans were accepted. These represent increases of six, 10, and seven, respectively, over last year.
2/21/05 Daily Pennsylvanian: “Once again, number of applications increases:
Average SAT score rises to 1390; Nursing school sees slightly fewer apps,”
By Jason Schwartz
Penn has received 18,749 applications, compared to 18,202 last year, for
the Class of 2009
Minorities applied to Penn to the tune of 7,786 this year, including 5,435 Asian
and Asian Americans; 1,119 blacks; 1,052 Latinos and 68 Native Americans.
There was also an all-time high of legacy applicants — those whose parents or grandparents attended the University — with 1,183.


1/18/05 Daily Pennsylvanian: “Early admissions rate holds steady: Increase in applications means more accepted; minority students make up 29 percent of admits,”
By Jason Schwartz
Of the record 3,420 students who applied early to Penn in 2004, 1,170 received good news in the mail over winter break.
This 34-percent acceptance rate is the same as in 2003, but 50 more students were accepted in this round of early decision. A slightly higher percentage of next year’s freshman class has therefore already been filled.
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Lee Stetson said that with about 47 to 48 percent of the Class of 2009 already filled, “just a few fewer” will be admitted during the regular admissions round this spring.
Also, the average SAT score of the accepted students rose from 1410 in 2003 to 1413 in 2004.
An equal number of male and female applicants were admitted, and 29 percent of them were students of color, representing a two percent increase over last year.    Fifty-eight of the accepted students are African American — an increase of eight from 2003 — and 67 are Latino, an increase of one. 187 Asians were admitted, a decrease of 22.
Twenty-one percent of all those admitted early are alumni legacies, the same percentage as in 2003.

11/18/05 Daily Pennsylvanian: “Early applications surge 21%,” Applications for early admission to Penn rose dramatically this year, officials announced yesterday. The University received 4,148 undergraduate applications to the Class of 2010, a 21 percent increase from last year’s 3,420. Applications from members of racial minorities increased from 1,143 to 1,605, with the number of Latinos increasing from 149 to 201, Asians submitting 1,219 applications, up from 858, and applications from blacks rising from 128 to 176.
7/7/05 iberkshires.com: “With record applications, Williams selects new freshman class,”
Williamstown – For the seventh time in 10 years, applications to Williams College have risen. A record number 5,822 students applied for the 539 places in the Williams College Class of 2009.
One thousand ninety-five were accepted (18.8 percent). Nearly 50 percent have chosen to enroll: 283 women and 256 men. Matriculants will include 56 Latino/s, 53 Asian Americans, 48 African Americans, three Native Americans, and 34 international students.
Nineteen percent of the 2009 Class comes from families below the U.S. Median Family Income.
SATs for the cohort averaged 716 verbal and 709 math. In comparison, the Class of 2008 averaged 705 verbal and 708 math. Seventy-two matriculating students scored perfect 800s in math and 59 students in verbal.
4/18/05 Yale Daily News: “Prospective Elis Are in a Class of Their Own”
Class of 2009: About 8 percent of the admitted students scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT,  while about 22 percent scored a perfect 800 on the SAT verbal section and about 23 percent scored a perfect 800 on the SAT math section. The middle 50 percentile of the admitted class scored between 710 and 790 on the verbal section and between 700 and 790 on the math section, Shaw said. On the ACT test, 14 scored a perfect 36, while the middle 50 percentile of those submitting ACT scores achieved between 30 and 34 on the test, he said.



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