Colleges 2004

Statistics from the 2004 America’s Best Colleges
by U.S. News & World Report for 2002-03 freshman class.   

school % accepted total applicants number accepted % Asian-Am. in student body
Juilliard School 7.75 1806 140 13
U.S. Coast Guard Academy      7.80 4911 383 4
Harvard 10.55 19,609 2066 17
Princeton    10.92 14,521 1585 12
Columbia 11.61 14,129 1641 14
U.S. Naval Academy 11.82 12,331 1457 4
Stanford 12.73 18,599 2368 25
Yale 12.99 15,466 2009 13
U.S. Military Academy 13.13 10,843 1424 ?
Cooper Union 14.11 2041 288 23
MIT 16.17 10,664 1724 27
Brown 16.86 14,612 2464 14
U.S. Air Force Academy 16.90 9041 1528 5
Amherst 18.27 5238 957 12
Dartmouth 20.50 10,193 2090 12
U. of Pennsylvania 21.01 18,784 3946 18
Georgetown 21.16 15,536 3288 10
CalTech 21.42 2615 560 27
Pomona 22.65 4230 958 12
Williams 22.75 4931 1122 9
Washington Univ. (St. Louis) 23.54 19,514 4594 10
Rice 23.76 7079 1682 14
U. of Calif. – Berkeley 23.89 36,466 8710 42
Swarthmore 24.01 3886 933 16
U. of Calif. - Los Angeles 24.07 43,443 10,455 38
Average       16.3

4/3/03 The Brown Daily Herald: “Brown class of 2007 is first under need-blind admission policy,”
Students of color comprise 35% of those admitted, as compared to 33% of the Class of 2006.

4/18/03: Columbia Daily Spectator: “Columbia More Selective Than Ever,”
The College saw its acceptance rate dip to 10.8% from 11.6% last year.  A record-high 14,662 students applied and 1,578 were accepted.  The average SAT score for accepted College students was 1431, up from 1428 last year. The average score for the accepted students in the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) is 1469, up from 1440. 43% of all accepted students identify themselves as African-American, Asian, or Hispanic.

2/6/03 The Dartmouth: “College apps. surge to all-time record,”
A record 11,700 applied for the Class of 2007.  African-American student applications were up 15%, Asian-American students climbed 16%, Latino students gained 10% and Native Americans rose 12% from last year. This year’s SAT averages were the highest in history for any class of applicants. The averages for the entire pool of applicants were 678 on the verbal section and 699 for the math section.

4/4/03 The Dartmouth: “Acceptance rate falls to 17.5%,”
Of the record 11,853 students who applied to Dartmouth this year for the Class of 2007, only 17.5% will receive acceptance letters.
One measure of the strength of the applicant pool is the record-high SAT averages among those accepted. The verbal score of 717 and the 725 math score represent higher average scores than those of any recent classes.
Last year just over half of the 2,090 accepted students chose to come to Dartmouth, producing a 52% yield.
Students of color received 39% of acceptance letters this year, up from 37% last year and 28% just five years ago. 361 Asian-Americans, a record number, were among those accepted, joining 213 African-Americans, also a record. The number of legacies admitted slumped to the lowest level in four years, with only 112 accepted.

4/3/03 Harvard Crimson: “Class of 2007 Sets Records,”
The College announced yesterday that the Class of 2007 faced a record-low admissions rate of 9.8% and that a record-high percent of the 2,056 applicants admitted to the Class of 2007 are black. 10.2% of admitted students are black, up from 8.9%. Aside from this increase, ethnic representation remained fairly consistent with previous years. Asian-Americans comprised 16.2% of admitted students. Mexican-Americans comprised 3.6%, Puerto Ricans comprised 1.5% and Hispanic-Americans from other countries in Latin American and South America comprised 3.7%. American Indians comprised 1% of the admitted pool. Women comprised slightly more than 48% of admitted applicants. The Admissions Office received an unprecedented 20,986 applications this year, surpassing last year�s record number of 19,605.

3/21/03 MIT: “MIT Offers Students Spots in Class of �07,”
MIT offered admission to only 16% of its applicants for the Class of 2007, extending offers to 1,735 of the 10,547 students who applied. The mean SAT score for admitted students is 721 Verbal and 760 Math. 17% percent of admitted students are members of underrepresented minority groups.

4/11/03 The Daily Pennsylvanian: “Admission rates drop at Penn, Ivies,”
Penn’s overall acceptance rate, encompassing both the early and regular decision pools, reached an all-time low of 20.5% this year. Penn received 18,827 applications for the Class of 2007, and 3,858 students were offered admission. Last year’s overall acceptance rate was only slightly higher, at 21.1%.
This year, 1,510 minority students were accepted, down from 1,583 last year. Of these students, 17 are Native American and 278 are Hispanic while 346 are black, down from 353 last year. However, 45 black students were early decision applicants and have already committed to Penn.
Of the 3,858 offers of admission, about 2,385 students may matriculate at Penn. This projected yield is slightly lower than last year’s.

4/10/03 Princetonian: “Ivy admissions selectivity increases in record year,”
The University received a record 15,725 applications for spots in the Class of 2007, and accepted 1,570 students. The acceptance rate of 9.9% is down this year from 10.8% last year. Of those U.S. citizens and permanent residents admitted, 34% of minority background, 10.5% are children of alumni and 7.1% are the first generation of their families to attend college.

3/28/03 Stanford Report: “Stanford offers admission to 2,250 for the Class of 2007,”
2,250 students for the Class of 2007 have been admitted.  Only 12.1% of the almost 19,000 applicants were offered admission, compared to 12.7% for the class entering in the fall of 2002 and 12.6% for the class entering in 2001.
For the second year in a row, over half the admitted students are people of color: 13% are African American, 25% are Asian American, 11% are Mexican American, 3% are other Latino and 3% are Native American/ Native Hawaiian.  International students from more than 60 countries account for 6% of the admitted class, and an additional 2.5% are U.S. citizens attending
schools overseas.

4/18/03 San Francisco Chronicle: “Minority admissions bouncing back at UC”
UCLA admitted 10,507 of a record 44,931 freshman applicants from inside and outside the state — or 23.4%. UC Berkeley admitted 8,679 of a record 36,920 freshman applicants inside and outside California — 23.5%.
At UCLA, African American students dropped to 281 from 332 last year. UCLA’s Latino admissions fell from 1,355 last year to 1,347, while Native Americans decreased from 39 to 36. At UC Berkeley, African American freshman admissions for this fall show the largest percentage drop among all ethnic groups, decreasing 2.3% from last year — from 305 to 298. African American admissions were 562 in fall 1997, the last year before Prop 209 took effect.

4/3/03 Yale Daily News: “Yale admits 1,458 regular decision applicants,”
1,458 regular decision applicants were admitted to the Class of 2007, bringing this year’s overall acceptance rate to an historic low of 11.4%. The number of overall applicants increased by 14.7% this year, from 15,456 to 17,731. 35% of American students admitted this year are minority students. That number rises to almost 40% if international students are considered. In the class of 2006, 42% of those accepted were minority students.


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