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5/20/15 Law360: “The 25 Best Law Firms For Asian-American Attorneys”
By Jake Simpson
A group of 25 U.S. law firms including several leading intellectual property boutiques outperform the industry when it comes to employing high numbers of Asian-American attorneys, particularly at the partner level, according to Law360 data.
At these 25 firms, at least 10.8 percent of nonpartners and 5.2 percent of partners are Asian-American. The average firm in the top 25 has 14.4 percent Asian-American attorneys in the U.S., nearly triple the 5.1 percent average of the 289 U.S. firms surveyed for the 2015 Law360 Minority Report.

Here are the largest law firms in the country with the fewest Asian-American attorneys.

2010 (under construction)

2010 by state (under construction)







If you are an Asian-American attorney  working in-house for a company, I encourage you to search for attorneys at the NAPABA Partners directory http://www.napaba.org/napaba/partners.asp

If you received a rejection from one of these law firms, I encourage you to file complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the law firm(s) with poor records of hiring Asian-Americans.  However, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the EEOC to sue a law firm.  Lawyers or law firms contribute millions to presidential candidates.  The president appoints the members of the EEOC, and they, in turn, cower from suing those with political clout.



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